Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nokia N8 - your every day wonderphone..

Okay so I’ve used the N8 pretty much on and off again for the last 2 weeks. And I must say the phone has quietly impressed me in more ways than one. I don’t know if its just phone envy but during the testing period my xperia x10 phone just keeps acting up. Which leads me to believe that it might just be scared of the competition. Hehe yeah right.

Another bit of clever function being introduced by the N8 is the whole USB  on the go thingy. USB on the go basically enables the phone to become a USB host for your thumbdrives and other USB based peripherals. Now I was curious as to what other things that you can plug into the USB host cable. I tried a mighty mouse, it powers up but the phone can’t detect it. A 4GB thumbdrive was detected quite easily and u can open files as if its on the phone. The N8 can also power a USB fan. That would come in handy on a hot day.
usb on the go

nope that won't work..

time to cool off..

The USB on the go function basically cut short the need to use a dedicated computer to transfer files into the phone. And it would definitely be much faster than Bluetooth or email.

hdmi adapter..

Another handy function that the N8 packs is the HDMI display out. Just plug in any normal sized HDMI cable to the adapter included and u can project your phone display onto a big screen tv.

just plug in baby..

37inch display anyone?

video on the big screen..

angry birds??

now here's an idea. hook up your N8 to a decently sized hdmi enabled tv. hook up a bluetooth keyboard and hey presto you have a computer for you to do your work. How handy is that eh?

email anyone?

so there you have it. My review of the Nokia N8. I wanna thanks the fine folks at WOMWorld for giving me the opportunity to test the wonderful phone. If u need an allrounder that can perform when u need it, the N8 might just be the phone for you.

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