Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HTC Mozart - First Impressions..

HTC Mozart

So I made the switch to windows after giving up on the random reboots I experienced on my xperia x10 eclair device. I considered going to blackberry. Really I did. Contemplated getting the bold 3. But the underwhelming tech specs just killed it for me. The senorita wanted me to get a torch. She swears by it and I think its a wonderfully crafted device. But again its essentially the same baseline spec as the bold 3 apart from the screen. So, I gave bb a pass for now.

The first windows phone that I thought was cool was the LG optimus 7. But being a sucker for a good camera I opted for the HTC Mozart.

eye-catching design..

Its a beautifully crafted device. Carved out of a solid aluminum block. Which is somewhat of a thing with HTC these days. Starting from the legend.

My first impression is I like how smooth everything seems to be. I guess that's just the thing with the UI. Setting up your accounts is a breeze. Well apart from the exchange account. Had to get my IT  guy to pass me the certificates for exchange to work properly. Never had that problem with Android though. Even IOS was pretty straight forward.

But once you managed to sort everything out it really is decent how email is handled. Anyways will probably strategize on a proper review in a bit.

The keyboard is excellent. That's for sure. Yes there's no multitasking per se but even Apple got IOS to multitask in its 4th iteration right? Hopefully it would be a shorter wait for windows phone users.

No copy paste but that's supposedly coming.

I guess overall the initial experience has been very pleasant.

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