Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nokia N8 - Media and Maps

One handy function that almost all high end Nokias have is the FM transmitter. Its pretty handy when u have all your music collection in the 16GB storage and you're to lazy to bring all your cds in the car. You just set the transmitter to an unused frequency and tune your radio to it.

pretty handy

Its pretty convenient and the sound quality is okay too. Well its just like listening to the radio.


I've taken a bunch of pics already and i must say i'm quite satisfied with how the pictures turned out. Can't seem to find any panorama options though. Even the E72 had that function but it was hampered by the lack of memory on the phone that most of the time when I wanted to take a panorama pic the phone just runs out of memory and pretty much ruins the shot. So far I haven't encountered any such problems on the N8 though.

Another hallmark service that nokia provides is the navigation functions offered through ovi maps. One of the reasons i still kept the E72 was because of the maps. Ovi maps are convenient because u can download maps offline and save a lot on data downloads if u were to use other online maps offering.


Point to point voice navigations works quite well. Downloading the maps through ovi suite is also not complicated. There's a mark difference between the maps version on the E72 and the one on the N8. There's the 3d buildings and also online services like the lonely planet guide and other bits and bobs.

3d buildings..

You can also download voice packs to customize the navigation guidance. Try the surfer dude and get irritated in zero to 10 seconds. 


online services..

I didn't try however run the navigation whilst transmitting the music to the car radio though. Can it be done? Well we just have to try and find out eh.

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