Sunday, February 20, 2011

Very Dior - loyalty at its best.

How many of you own a loyalty membership from the beauty brands you love?

Throughout the years, I think I've owned many... just name it and I'd own it. This was due to the fact that I'd had to constantly explore different brands just to find what works on me. However, most of them I'd just sign up and my points went dormant from the first purchase because the products either weren't that great or I'd lose interest in them. I think the only one that I really managed to grab enough points to redeem something, I only got my hands on a cheap fragrance because most of them only had mediocre gifts to hand out or that you'd need to spend a bomb in order to redeem the better items.

My re-discovery of Dior products recently, as shared in many of my posts before, have been pretty swell. When they asked me if I'd want to sign up as their Very Dior member, I thought, why not.

I guess I've accumulated enough points to get through at least the first level but let me tell you that even the first tier was sincere enough. They had attractive stuff to give away and I felt it was good enough to reward their loyal supporters.

They did mention to me that I could top up my points during my birthday month because any purchase during that month would allow me to accumulate double points. But, it was already December when my birthday came and I didn't have anything I'd like to replenish.

Just before CNY, I found out though, that they probably didn't update my points earlier on and so, they called to tell me that I was actually eligible for Tier 2 of their redemption programme. That was really a pleasant surprise...

So, this was what I chose and I love it!

a Miss Dior Cherie EDP 100ml.

I've used it before from their sample/vials but it never smelt as good as how it smells on me now. I've spritz it this morning and now come evening time, the scent is still strong and doesn't change a wee bit even after a long day of running errands and going up and about here and there.

Now how can one not love Dior so much, eh?


beetrice said...

always nice to get something back for all the $$ we throw at brands! :p and Miss Dior Cherie...well all the better! said...

wow! thats really generous man. u sure have spent quite a bomb eh? :P

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I'm turning into such a Dior fangirl its not funny. Not funny at all when they have coutoure to boot! >.<

toughcookie said...

absolutely! :)

toughcookie said...

ooohh jangan cakap bomb la... but then again, you know the first time when you need to get the entire range, mestilah kena spend sikit ;P furthermore, with friends like PB, you can't help but get sucked in by her entries... itu bagus, ini bagus... in the end, semua sapu haha...

but but, to be fair, they have quite frequent promotions where members can get double points ie. when they promoted the one essential serum, etc.

toughcookie said...

paris b,
owh tell me about it. i so jealous when i read your post regarding the VIP treatment. macam celebrity... ;D