Saturday, February 19, 2011

Online shopping at 128 Faubourg Malaysia

In my last post I did mention that my skin has improved... well, I have this very complicated skin type that's usually very oily and congested but also since I have aged a bit (a bit only...), there would be those uneven texture and tone which I previously tried to minimise by using brightening range of products.

The oiliness will never really go away I guess because of my genetics. So, constantly, I'd have to supplement my skincare regime with purifying serums but especially with regular gentle scrubbing and alternative clay + moisture masks which I have learnt to be very disciplined in my habits or I will see dullness in skin texture and many oil seeds on my jaw area. Of course, with age and experience, all that are easily concealed under good foundation and make up but as soon as I come home to cleanse my skin, my hands can clearly feel the unevenness.

I think earlier last year though, I chanced upon a wonderful salon with a good and reliable skincare range of products. The only downside though, is that some of their products can be extremely pricey and the beauty therapist who treated me can be very pushy as well - getting me to keep replenishing my products into anti-ageing to whitening even before my oiliness and sensitised skin problems were fully dealt with. I mean, my skin was showing a marked improvement until she started to ask me to get a more hydrating range, which totally made my improved skin texture go back to almost how it was before, until I stopped using them totally.

But, the best part about this experience is the fact that I know their purifying range works wonderfully on my skin and I know them well to buy them on my own.

So... here is the real deal of what I am going to share with all of you - online shopping at 128 Faubourg.

I love shopping online. Part of the perks of online shopping is:
  1. It is just so easy... you browse what you like, click on their icons and put them into your shopping cart;
  2. You have no sales people pushing you to buy something you did not intend to buy;
  3. More often than not, online shopping always have some kind of promotion... if you are a regular shopper of strawberryNet, you know you'd get discounts at every order. In this case, 128 Faubourg provide a 10% discount for orders of RM600 and above in a single order which you will not enjoy if you buy them at the salon;
  4. I love that the products arrive on my doorstep, without me having to find parking, pay for parking, taking time to browse through the shops and have 'accidental' shopping sprees in those other shops ;) but also the fact that online shopping usually provides FREE delivery when you spend a certain amount with them.
So, with all these, I decided to give it a go with 128 Faubourg, a name synonymous with the luxury beauty brand, Sothys.

once you arrive at the site, you can choose one of the icons... i chose the left one.

the site will take you to this page where you'll find many links. i like their site because their information is pretty comprehensive and you'll be able to gauge how much you need to spend if you're interested in any of their facial services. of course, you'd get a better deal in facial packages when you go to their salon as there are many promotions in store. but for online shopping, click on the E-shop tab.

...and you'll come to this page. click on the area i've marked and you'll be able to browse their entire product ranges...

Of course, I won't recommend you to try this if you're not sure what products are right for your skin. The best thing to do would be to give them a personal visit at their salon and get the right type according to your skin condition. What I can assure though, is that many people have raved about how well their products work. Of course, the downside as I have said earlier, would be the price. But, if the products are so good and your skin improves, maintenance would be a cinch. I went on using other brands until recently when I started working and the stress, long hours of make-up sitting on my skin plus hormone issues made me reconsider including Sothys back into my skincare regime. And, as I've tried them before, I know which ones are really good and I don't really need to buy all the products in the range...

The online shopping experience with them was really good. I initially paid RM8 for their delivery service but received an email a day later that they would bank in the amount back to me because I was eligible for free delivery. Ok, so that was like a glitch in their system but I didn't mind because they rectified it within the day.

In 3 days, I received this package in my office...

huge box and well protected...

all items were in their individual boxes and securely wrapped, just like what you'd get if you purchase them at the salon.

these are my favourite from their oily-blemish prone range.

Have you tried their products or their E-Shop? Do share.


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Eh eh! I have never tried Sothys before. That said, Dior Capture Totale has been so amazing for my skin I'm not sure I should be changing :P But share what's good from this line k? :)

toughcookie said...

remember the workshop with EL recently, you heard kan when they told me my skin is super oily but quite sensitive as well... so, in this line, i especially love the normalising milk cleanser, the purifying cleanser, the purifying serum, the gentle scrub and clay mask. the clay mask can be a little too expensive since it comes in a 50ml tube only... so, i am happy to just use kiehl's clay mask because even if it doesn't work as good as sothys, it still works in controlling my over-productive sebaceous glands.

i thought you tried their facials kan? i think all their products are good as long as you use those suitable for your skin type. i've tried their hydrating cream light but it clogs my pores.

hey, if dior already works so well with you and the improvement is so visible on your skin, i guess no reason to try other brands kan... furthermore, dior got wonderful benefits as member... sothys tak ada benefits lah ;)