Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scotch-Brite High Performance Micro-fibre Mop

When it comes to mopping, I have to say that I am one person that is utterly conservative. Although we've been using the mop when I was much younger and staying with my parents, I must say that I have always hated the mop. I think it is ugly, it collects dust when not in use, it can stink really bad and I just think it looks hideous... like those pleated hair rasta-style, scaring the hell outta me whenever I enter our store room. But more so, I have never liked using a mop because it is too thick to wring and the floor will always be slippery wet.

Even the modern mops - those yellowish spongy material where you're able to twist the handle of the mop to ease the wringing part... I find the mops ineffective in collecting dirt as it easily transfers one area of dust/dirt to another area. Through wear and tear, the mop will turn soggy and full with black mold from it being damp as the material doesn't dry out easily. Even twisting or pulling a special lever on the handle was too much of a hassle for me.

I don't really remember doing much mopping in my uni years, staying with a bunch of housemates. But if I did have to mop the floor, I have always preferred to use my hands and go down on my knees wiping the floor (instead of mopping) with a hand towel. Yes, it can be a little tougher to get this task done but the results have always been very satisfying since I know that I would always manage to wipe every inch of the floor... even table stands to the TV cabinet and everything else that's placed on/against the floor will be wiped clean. And... unlike my facial skin, the skin on my hands ain't sensitive at all... so, that is one less worrying factor.

I have to say, though, that it has been so long since I last mopped the floor. I kept telling Mr Hubby that I wanted to mop the floor to our apartment every single weekend but that never happened... not until today, that is. And I am so happy to have found one mop that meets my superior perfectionism in floor-cleaning (eheh!) with much ease...

*Image credit: MumCentre

When I opened the package, I didn't bother to read the instructions and only looked out for how to wring water out from the micro-fibre material. There's none. Thus, I assumed that I'd need to remove the blue cloth from the mop, immerse it in my favourite lavender antiseptic floor cleaner and wring the water out with my bare hands, the way I always do with a hand towel. Fastening the material back to the mop is easy as the flap instantly sticks to the velcro-like substance on the mop.

I had so much fun mopping today since dust was lifted and not easily transferred from one area to the other (but be sure to at least sweep/vacuum the floor beforehand) and I guess, coupled with a good floor cleaner, the cleaning process became such a liberating thing for me, making the word, 'liberating', sounds so ironic for a housewife ;)

As I went along, I discovered how flexible the retractable handle was that I could even mop the walls with so much ease! And I think, My Hubby was extremely pleased as he had less things to help this weekend (haha..). The mop is so light that I could even do the walls of our bedroom, and the nooks and crannies near the babycot. Though I still would need to get dirty with my hands, I wasn't that concerned since the floor cleaner has antiseptic properties.

Now that I am writing this review, I just realised that it is stated in the box that the mop is light-weight! That's a good point compared to those ancient wooden mop handles, eh?
Information on the package:
  1. Cleaning is a breeze - which I so agree.
  2. Super durability, as the micro-fibre cloth can be reused and washed repeatedly.
  3. Leaves no water mark and dries quickly - well.. there can be some water mark if you do not wring it well, actually...
  4. Does not scratch wood floorings - I agree to this too.
  5. Multipurpose household cleaning where its adjustable handle length enables you to clean ceilings, walls, glass windows, cabinets, etc. - Agree 100% and very happy with this discovery!
  6. No detergent required for normal household cleaning - Just found this out but since I love the lavender scent of my floor cleaner, I much prefer the use of detergent.

another plus point.

Priced at RM48.99 in Giant when purchased on 30 October 2009.


Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

hi babe! I found you, AGAIN! heheee.... I read Acat's entry for today and saw this link.... and it's a must link site..... coz' I sure trust your reviews and judgement....hihiii....

JJo said...

hi anis!!
thank you thank you thank you for the supportive words :) saja nak see how this goes. i must write more often and have so much ideas but so little time.

babe, we must meet soon kan? next week kita see how, ok?

Chandra said...

Thanks for the info and your personal experience on using it. Just got it at Carefour at RM58.20.