Friday, September 11, 2009

Hada, meet Jada.

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hello, world... meet Hada, Jada's new pet ;P

| I just cannot resist Hada the Hippo. Found it on TinyTapir and was hooked when I read that its blanket is 5 feet long (because if little jj doesn't use it, I am exactly 5 feet tall haha...).

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Ok... little jj hasn't been showing any tendencies of attachment towards any of her soft toys. She has plenty of soft toys but after she turned 6 or 7 months, she has stopped holding any soft toy for more than 3 minutes. Her favourite was once Tucker, the Lamaze tortoise but I now realised that she loved Tucker only because she was truly enchanted by her own reflection that she saw in the mirror attached to its tummy. And although my first born and I both had an attachment towards any teddies or any plush toys, we do not see any of those signs on little jj. Heck, even that thoughtful gift from one of the one's blog readers in the form of a red teddy bear the size of little jj, she only held it for a good minute before ignoring it since the day she saw it. It is bad that the teddy is kinda invisible (to her) and just lying there in her play pen, unattended.

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So, when I saw this pink pet zoobie, I haven't lost all hope on little jj. I do believe she's got it somewhere deep inside (hehe...) or mommy would make it mommy's own pet ;P. I guess, part of me fell in love with Hada because I love all 'gadgety' stuff - it is after all, a 3-in-1. If little jj cannot see it for a soft toy, she would have inherited her parents' trait for loving multi-functional gadgets, won't she??

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you can even commission TinyTapir to have your baby's
name embroidered on the plush at an additional RM10.

There are many more pet zoobies for your selection on Tiny Tapir. Good luck in choosing just one :)


dillazag said...

Babe, that TinyTapir stuff is awesome. I'll go have a look and prolly get one for myself. Eh, I meant, Khaleeda :)

Congrats on the 4th year anniv dear, what a lovely idea. You could add a charm each year. :)

Amy said...

eH Kak Dilla ada kat sini :).. that picture of Jada buat muka innocent tu sgt geramm! grrr :P

Ms B said...


I like the bracelet. I think Links has something similar cos I remember my secretary has one and she said we could add charms.

Jada & hada. Cute! *smiles*

rokh said...

gosh Jada looks so cute in that little dress!

Anis Zainal-Pacleb said...

Babe, I truly love the bracelet and thanks for this ingenious idea.... ingat nak copycat for next year's anniversary, bole?

I pun nak Hada for meself too...hehheee.....

anyway, happy 4th 'anniversary' to you and acat.

p/s : on jada's milestone, trust me she'll leave you speechless more and more sooooonnnnn...... we meet up after raya ye?

toughcookie said...

hi dilla,
hehe... yeah babe, you go on and get one for yourself. oh, i mean, khaleeda ;P

thanks for the wish.

memang time ni la nampak innocent. masa tidur lagi la rasa macam nak peluk2 je... innocent abis.

ms B,
i think there are plenty of brands out there with nice charm bracelets like Tiffany, even LV and Gucci. LV's charms are exquisite but since all of them contain precious/semi-precious stones, they are pretty expensive. lucky us in mesia, nak tempah tak mahal sangat.

toughcookie said...

thanks, dear. once the website is up, i will update and you can see soo many other little girls so cute being dolled up :)

anis darling...
sure, i don't mind kalau you nak copy. the idea tak exclusive pun hehe... best kan? senang takyah nak fikir. cuma nak mencari good charms je leceh. kat mesia ni, charms tak laku sangat unless silver like Thomas Sabo, which i find it too expensive. baik beli/tempah emas je.

if you nak tempah into white gold (since i know you tak minat yellow gold), i can always recommend you my jeweller ni. they are really good and price pun really reasonable.

yeah... i guess memang i will just see you after raya je nampaknya and hopefully the H1N1 dah die down by then. thanks for the wish, babe :)