Monday, October 11, 2010

New Pantene Pro-V Formula - a nice surprise.

Ok, I think my search for a suitable drugstore brand hair care was probably answered. And I must say that I am quite pleased with the result so far...

See, I had the privilege of trying out the new Pantene Recharging Fluid Pro-V Formula at a bloggers' event held at Hair Atelier, in Jaya One, PJ. I was gonna go there with an open mind because I sorta had a love-hate relationship with Pantene since in my teens. The shampoos kinda worked well for awhile and before I could finish the entire bottle, something would happen to my hair (or scalp) that made me switch to other brands. But, despite all that, I have in some occasions picked up a bottle of Pantene when I needed to use something new because my best buddy, Nicole, has gorgeous thick healthy black hair from years of using just Pantene... she would have her hair coloured, permed or straightened but her hair would always remain thick and lustrous. Hence, I had the impression every once in awhile that this time, Pantene would work just as well on me.

At the hair pampering session, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice scent. I mean, I don't know about you but I personally feel that many shampoos you get in any supermarket usually have the same smell... I would open up a bottle of say, Sunsilk to sniff sniff, and then I'd open up say, Clairol Herbal Essences and then Head and Shoulders, and I seriously think they all smell the same - that strong fruity-floral scent which I find a huge turn-off. I always thought Pantene smells like any other shampoos as well but this time, I was glad that it didn't.

They used the Total Care range on me and the scent was milder, not too citrusy nor was it too floral. It was just nice. They then put on a Pantene Treatment on me for a few minutes before rinsing it off.

As I said, I went to the event with an open mind. But I was truly pleased with what I saw (and smelt)... I coloured my hair a copper tone before Raya and you know how the hair colour can get so much lighter if it is not treated well after awhile. So, my hair was getting drier and lighter but after that treatment, the hair looked darker and well nourished again.

a picture of a happy user :)

According to P&G, the new Pantene hair care range is supposed to address the toughest hair issues like split ends, hair fall and rough, tangled hair and that you'll see the transformation in your hair condition in just 14 days. Now, I am not one who is easily taken in by claims but I simply had to believe in this one...

You see, my scalp would usually get super oily within 2 days after a wash and I get plenty of hair fall due to weak roots. But after this one-time treatment, my scalp went oily only after almost 3 days and I am so damn impressed by this because my long hair didn't become limp but was still looking healthy and shiny.

Now, that was over a week ago. Today, after I decided to chuck away the shampoo I was previously using (because the result wasn't very impressive), I took out the Pantene Total Care range that I got and used the shampoo, conditioner and Night Miracle. I seriously love how light my head feels and how clean it gets with just one wash. I would usually double cleanse my hair to take away all the oily feel on my hair but with this one, just one wash already made the hair squeaky clean. The conditioner instantly detangles my long hair and it was pretty easy to rinse off. As for the Night Miracle, just one pump and it was rich enough to cover the ends.

Pantene only treats hair fall due to breakage but since the treatment last week, I did notice less hair fall because my scalp now feels less oily. So, with this experience I guess the new Pro-V formula so synonymous with Pantene is working well on me and I shall stick to this brand before I get all gatal to try out other brands ;)

Their shampoo and conditioner retail at RM9.30 (180ml) and RM14.90 (350ml) while the 90ml Night Miracle is priced at RM17.90.

Have you tried the new Pro-V formula by Pantene? Did you like it?


Connie De Alwis said...

I'm using the hair loss formula one so far ok la. maybe I just can't really tell the difference! But I do love the 3 minute miracle :)

beetrice said...

your hair looked good that day! :D still a huge fan of the 3-min miracle, but still undecided on the rest of the range until I finish the bottle - usually I have this bad luck where it looks good the first week or so, then goes to hell after! -_-

FairyGodmother said...

3 minute miracle hmmm??? sounds good. maybe i will try as the good thing about Pantene is that it is easy on the pockets!!

toughcookie said...

i haven't tried the 3 minute miracle at home... maybe i should.

toughcookie said...

hi beatrice,
oh thanks for the compliment. i thought we all looked good that day, no? :)

hey i used to have that problem too you know... until i stumbled upon kiehl's... so i am hoping that this one can at least work as good and for a longer duration *crosses fingers*

toughcookie said...

you should try it la... i think it is really good cuma i won't know how long the result will last on your hair. tell me what you think of it after you've tried it ya.

plue said...

3 min miracle is lovely! I love that!

and really, you look great in your long hair, but then upon reading ur newer post, i think me like the short crop on u even more! :P