Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

So, why do I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi? First of all, DiGi is always the smarter choice, right? So, that would be my smartest answer ;)

Secondly, who doesn’t want an iPhone 4? Well... maybe my husband, because he totally hates it. But really, what is there to hate?? - the crisp beautiful retina display, the hundreds and thousands of apps available for downloads, free or otherwise; the ease of which you can browse your favourite sites and listen to your favourite tunes; really, what is there not to love?

My tech savvy, Mr Husband would then point out it's lack of support for Flash. Well, yeah... but when it comes to mobile browsing, surely you can sacrifice the flashy graphics for a fast and stable browsing experience on your mobile phone, right? Who needs Flash anyway? Besides I’m sure in time Steve Jobs would use his jedi mind tricks and convince people to switch to HTML5 soon.

Hey, even youtube is now HTML5 compatible, I think...

On top of that, the iPhone 4 has finally revolutionised video calling (*yeayy!!*). Yes, you do have 3G video calls which have been around since the first age of 3G, but with FACETIME, your video calls are free and it is more stable with a faster WIFI connection. Surely this is more economical than the exorbitant call charges via 3G.

The sleek sexy iPhone 4 will definitely turn heads when a SAHM like me whips it out of my handbag that's usually filled with the baby's bottle, her biscuits and bib. Since the iPhone 4 is only 9.3mm thick which can be even thinner than a stack of pamphlets from that other phone company offering the iPhone 4, it also gives me more room for me to include a nice compact powder or even another piece of toy for my baby in my already stuffed handbag ;)

Last but not least, I'm being the smarter person to opt from spending countless hours queueing up just to wait for my number to be called before I can get my hands on this little beauty hehe...

I think my husband must be nuts not to want an iPhone 4. Come on DiGi, just give me one so that I can show him what he’s missing.

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