Friday, September 24, 2010

what's up with whatsapp..

by Mr Husband

so we pretty much can't live without our phones. and most of the time, we spent the bulk of our times sending text messages. sms, mms. yes while its easier to email or even phone call, sometimes u just want to send that quick text. and sometimes u'll find that u spend more on texts to ur contacts.

blackberry users have their bbm. for the rest of us the solution is whatsapp smartphone messenger.

whatsapp utilizes ur phones existing data plan to send text, and other multimedia messages to other whatsapp users in ur phone list. its currently available for the iphone, android and blackberry. and its currently running on beta for symbian phones.

u can buy it at the appstore for $0.99 for ur iphone and its available on a 90 day free trial for symbian and android phones. not sure about blackberries though and u can pay for a year's subscription for $1.99. i've downloaded the app for my e72 and and htc hero. thing is u can only have it running on one device at one time for one phone number. it basically uses ur phone number as the unique identifier or ur account. once u install it, it scans ur contact list for other whatsapp users and automatically puts them in a list.

then its just a question of messaging to your heart's content. if u have an unlimited data plan ur pretty much sorted. if u don't then u can save by using a wifi connection.

the other day, i had it installed on the senorita's e72 and she had a blast using it. couldn't put her phone down during the initial days as some friends who's already using whatsapp started texting her hehe. it was fun seeing her think whatsapp is providing her so much joy on her boring days.

are you on whatsapp?


Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

I'm on whatsapp! :D But I'm on the Blackberry and it sucks because after the initial free 90 day trial I have to decide if I want to buy it for $1.99 a year. Not a lot, but it still sucks when iPhone users just pay 0.99 for life. That said, since my sibs are on it and we are all using different phones, I might just have to suck it up. Boo! (Boo to having to pay but Yay to the service)

toughcookie said...

dear paris,
thinking of getting the new iphone 4? hehe...

Paris B / Pink Parisian said...

Unfortunately no iphone for me. I don't like the touchscreen. Yes kuno but there you go :P

toughcookie said...

i used to hate touchscreen phones too!! but i am suddenly sucked in by the hype of owning an iphone hehe... not that i am desperate to actually buy one, though ;)