Friday, September 10, 2010

Duit Raya Packets Galore....

Since it is Raya tomorrow (or today, rather..), I thought an appropriate review post would be this ;)

Ok, this year, we kinda have a duit Raya packet galore because we have tonnes of them!! I think coupled with the fact that we did last minute Raya shopping and banking, these establishments must have used us as trash deposit cos they all gave us loadssss of money packets as if they wanted to let go of all their stocks hehe...

But but but, we're not complaining... well, except for the lousy packets from Maybank which I will tell you why - they're very pretty but they are glued in a careless way making it tough to insert money properly. Hence, you're required to insert your fingers into it, open it up wide, detaching any parts that are stuck together before you can properly insert any notes. But, like I said, the packets are really nice.

we're giving duit raya away in these especially for close family members, because they look classy despite the hassle of opening them up wide.

i got these from Mothercare, a combination of Mothercare and ELC's packets... we're giving out duit raya in these packets for kids, overall because of their cute illustration :)

this one is very pretty too... and next to Maybank's packets, i like these from Parkson... this one will be given out to nieces and nephews.

now these, from Citibank, HSBC and CIMB won't be touched at all because firstly, as I've said, we have loads of them packets and secondly, all the packets we have are nicer and prettier looking than these.

ok, this is our ultimate favourite, from Deutsche Bank. it is made from thick-textured art paper, with their name and logo embossed subtly.

it comes in 2 parts - the outer slip is in a beautiful sky blue-turquoish colour (and not green as seen in the picture above) and the inner slide-in part looks like quality recycled paper.

this one's especially for our parents. the little munchkin and little jj, whilst the balance can be used for cash gifts in weddings ;)

Well, here's wishing my Muslim readers, Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir & batin. Thank you for taking time to read this blog, have a good celebration and drive safe, if you're driving to and from your hometown.

To my readers who are not celebrating Raya, enjoy your break :)

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