Sunday, August 29, 2010

Winter Warmers Coffee & Tea House @Sunway Pyramid

Yes, if you are unfamiliar with this name, you might think that this outlet sells winter clothings and luggage. However, I was pleasantly surprised to have chanced upon this cosy tea 'house' on the right side of Sunway Pyramid's main entrance that I wished I could have stayed longer.

Their menu is displayed just outside their entrance.

upon entering, you can see an introduction of English tea sets, as deco.

but if you look upright, you will see their counter.

a modest deco displaying tea cups of various colours and patterns behind their counter...

Now, I never consider myself a big fan of English decoration. I thought they look too girlish with an overdose of flower motifs. But, it may be the age factor, I don't know... I find myself getting really interested in this concept upon seeing new collection of stuff from Lovely Lace at a recent visit.

Therefore, when I stepped into Winter Warmers, I instantly fell in love with the place because it carries a modest concept without over-doing it but especially because the cafe is really small and cosy. Best of all, service was excellent.

a warm ambience just next to the busy entrance of Sunway Pyramid, yet once you are in here, you are 'transported' into another place so calm, warm and relaxing.

my little girl and my best bud's princess playing tea party while two other 'friends' looked on :)

Another bonus point about this place is their huge selection of magazines. I could just sit and relax in here if I'm tired and no one will bother me reading, and enjoying that peace and warmth surrounding me.

as i am a coffee lover, i actually had cappuccino served in this tall cup.

this was part of the menu displayed on their table... they have much more selection in the full menu.

I realised that I didn't take any photos of the food my best bud and I had in here, mine was Mango Chicken Rice while Ms Best Bud had Teriyaki Chicken Rice.

Now I've read mixed reviews about food served in Winter Warmers and since taste is always subjective, I am afraid to magnify something that may be just so-so for others... but I am not a difficult person to please... I've already fallen in love with the place and since Jada ate so much from the Mango Chicken Rice, I do believe that the food was scrumptious. The portion was just right and they didn't scrimp on the mango either... that, I can say.

What I especially liked (and I keep repeating this) was how cosy the place felt... it is a small set up that while I read the magazines while waiting for food to arrive, I could just let Jada walk around the cafe knowing quite well that she is within sight. Even when she became a little curious and wanted to step into the kitchen area, the very friendly staff would keep an eye on her, make an effort to keep her occupied and warm up to the surrounding. Yes, like her mom, Jada totally enjoyed this outing as well and didn't even bother me reading.

Ok, with all things positive comes some weaknesses that didn't quite disturb me that much, since I love this place... seeing that it is a small set up - mommies with strollers might have some problems to bring in their strollers because of the limited space. But, when I went, I was the only one with a stroller and we parked it just next to the entrance deco. There are also no high chairs for babies but as you can see through the picture above, Jada was relaxed enough to sit on the adult's chair and she ate really well.

The next time I'm bored or if Jada becomes a little restless at home, Winter Warmers is definitely where I am heading.... and the next time, I will definitely try their fine selection of tea, which is their specialty.

If you need more information about Winter Warmers, you can google them up or go through their website here.


CikLilyPutih said...

maybe i should try too... thks

Emily said...

Oh My! thanks a bunch for this review. A Must Try after viewing their menu on the website!

whm6840 said...

a must try.. Harris loves tea. Dia selalu cakap he's 'a high class English' for the love for tea!.. perasan.

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
nanti bila minum teh, kena angkat your little pinky hehe...

toughcookie said...

hope you will enjoy the experience as much as i did! :)

toughcookie said...

haha... kelakar la you ;)

they also have an outlet kat the curve damansara tau. but i don't know if they are as cosy as this one... tapi good luck in deciding what kind of tea to order... banyak sangat jenis macam nak try everything. enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love this little cafe too! I tried the one in Gurney Plaza and oh my I fall in love with the whole experience. I tried the rose flavored coffee if not mistaken and they literally put some petals of roses on it with lovely cup and saucer. Sukaaa! Must go again soon. hehe..

toughcookie said...

good to know you enjoyed the experience :)