Friday, January 1, 2016

First Post for 2016 - The Right Skincare

I have been awfully slow in my postings, partly because I've gotten a day job since the past 1 1/2 years and those familiar with the PR line would know how much the job doesn't rely on normal working hours or weekdays. But, the key reason to the awfully rare posts would probably be because the last few skincare products I was trying out from reputable names in the world of skincare wreaked havoc to my skin. Took me more than a year (and lots and lots of RM$$) to repair the damage done to the skin.

Because of that, I had become a very timid mouse, avoiding totally from trying out the latest products launched to the public and politely declined those many freebies offered to me. They were all very enticing for awhile as I would never have turned down something so scientifically good to the skin but I had to be fair to my skin. Recovery was too slow but I got through it and the skin feels better than ever.

That begs the question of which skincare is right for me? That thought alone made me cringe in fear due to the too many choices out there, all promising the moon and the stars, whether they are from the more affordable range to those really expensive ones. Seriously, I pity you young lots. 

Lucky me, I have tested some of the ones that worked well for me the last few years and now that I've entered a new decade in my life, I'm matured enough to tell myself that I shall stick to what I know and scratch those itchy hands, whenever they feel itchy. 

I've had one conversation with a person who was formerly from the skincare line who mentioned that she hated being in skincare and preferred it better when she was transferred to makeup instead. Makeup is pretty straight-forward - the colours suit or doesn't suit a certain skin type and it is something you don't use long term if you don't like it. They don't normally cost thousands of ringgit unlike those scientific creams that claim to do wonders and if you use a good makeup brand, the formulation doesn't usually scar your skin unless you sleep without cleansing your skin.

Unlike makeup, skincare is deemed insincere and a lot of bull, she says. Scientifically, a certain formula or chemical works in specific ways when tested in the lab. But when it gets mixed with so many agents and other chemicals, coupled with the different chemical reaction of different skin types, how are the claims true in so many different environment and weather? 

Those are valid questions but we don't quite wait for the answer because we are awed by the advertisements and the reputation of brands out there with so many positive reviews and endorsements. 

At one point, I was even eliminating a certain ingredient in skincare thinking that if it doesn't contain the ingredient, my skin would be trouble-free. But it isn't as simple as that... at some points, we drink less water, weather is more humid or that we indulge in super oily food. All those are factors that can affect how skin reacts on certain days. It's quite complicated and unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with flawless or problem-free skin.

So I think the conclusion is, use what works for you. If it works excellent on your skin, doesn't mean it works the same for your friend. I know one or two serums that work magically for anybody who's tried it but I also found that when I've stopped using it and then revisit, I don't see the same magic results as I had seen a year or two before.

As I've entered a new decade, I find that skin consultants are also open in recommending those more expensive range suited for the mature or aging skin. And I start to see the adventurous side of me in wanting to try them out. I know I shouldn't let my skin go through all that again and I'm cautious with my adventure mood.

We'll see how this progress :)

Happy 2016 and best wishes!

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