Thursday, April 17, 2014

I bid so long to my love, the Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub.

I hadn't really scheduled a post this week as I have been very caught up with a project deadline. But last night I was in for a shock and it kinda warrant a post...

I've written before almost 2 years ago (in April too) of how much I was in love with this product. I got it in a small jar out of a starter pack and have since bought at least 2 more large jars - this 50ml size. Why wouldn't I love it... it not only does a great job in scrubbing my face clean, it also leaves skin truly baby smooth. Best of all, it only retails at RM100 in our local Sephora stores and if you've been a frequent customer, a 10% off that frequent customers occasionally get would only mean buying this gem at RM90. For a good 5-6 months, this gem is all you need for your bi-weekly or weekly scrub.

But tonight (last night, I mean), upon entering the Sephora store at Paradigm Mall, I was shocked to see some adjustments to their layout arrangement. The shelves which usually display Ole Henriksen range of products are nowhere to be seen. At first I thought it was just a re-arrangement. But when I approached their sales advisor, I was told that they've phased the brand out, oh come on!

Apparently some of their stock balance would probably be available in KLCC but sigh... I shall ask my sweetheart to check the store out although I am not very hopeful. Like come on... I don't want any other products, just this one please....

I'm sad. Really sad. A check with StrawberryNet and they don't have this either :(

It's a sad day. All my life I've searched high and low for my perfect scrub and you're no longer available locally *cries dramatically*

Now let me keep looking atchu. You've been kind and all so wonderful to me the past 2 years. I pray that we shall meet again and for you to spread your kindness to me once more. Cos I need you more than ever.


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