Monday, January 6, 2014

No lippie? No sweat. A lip pencil will do just as well... even better!

I remembered reading long time ago a tip from some superstar that if she needed to have a long-wearing no-bleeding lip colour, she would use a lip pencil all over her lips, just like how one would use a lipstick.

And so, just before the turn of the new year, I grabbed this precious beauty at an amazing end-of-the-year discount for just RM22 from StrawberryNet.

I have to admit that I hardly use a lip pencil. But this is such a beautiful colour that I felt would be too much of a good thing to be missed.

Furthermore, with a name like Le Lipstique, I knew I had to grab this and treat it like a lipstick. With a brush at the other end of the pencil, this would be one of the best deals ever for a luxury brand lippie :)

And use it as a lipstick I did. I super love the colour!

The best part about using a lip pencil is that you can apply it on its own and you'll have a matte finish or you can do like me, and add a light layer of lip butter/gloss over the lip colour. You get a nice shiny finish, smooth & even colour that's quite lasting and yes, it doesn't bleed.

Have you ever tried this before?


Anonymous said...

When I used to go clubbing in my younger days *ahem*, I'll just slip a lipstick pencil into my jeans pocket and use it for touch ups.

toughcookie said...

hi lyn,
aha I guess this trick is widely known but not much spoken of, huh? ;)