Monday, January 6, 2014

pebble smart watch - wearables are where the future is at..

so i went and got the pebble. i guess the constant ads prompting me to get one finally did the trick and the fact that they offered me $15 discount pushed me to getting one. my last smart watch was a Sony. it did what it was supposed to do but it was a bit limiting since you needed to be constantly tethered to your phone for it to function. same can be said of most smart watches tho. but at least the pebble can still function as a watch if it is not connected.

anyways, i got mine directly from it was a fairly painless exercise and they offered free shipping all over the world. so if you intend to get one you may want to opt for it. rather than go through mudah or ebay or any other re-sellers. look out for the occasional discounts you may get it cheaper too.

here are some unboxing pics.

the watch.

the watch out of the box

side view.

the other side.

the watch and the charging cable.

downloaded the app on the iPhone and it prompted me to update the firmware. all painless. will be exploring the watch in the coming weeks. wanna see how the integration with runkeeper pans out. and maybe can come up with a conclusion whether or not it would be a good purchase. 

so stay tuned.

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