Friday, January 10, 2014

Biotherm Skin.Ergetic boasts all-natural ingredients

After that realisation that silicone content in skincare could bring more problem than good to my skin not too long ago, I have since made some hits and misses with products that do not contain silicone. Most that I've come across are usually organic or natural skincare products.

This was the first that I discovered and when I read its list of ingredients, I squealed in delight.

I mean, why not? I like the fact that it is a familiar brand, a French brand and it screams all good things - ingredients of natural origin, fragrance that is 100% natural-origin, mineral oil-free as I can't use products that contain mineral oil and it is colorant-free too. All these I'd say sound like a perfect combo for non-irritating products, don't you think?

But does non-irritating equate to non-clogging as well?

I got this pack from StrawberryNet at a good price and since its description says that the products are suitable for oily-combination skin for the gel-creme formula, I thought why not.

The Skin.Ergetic range is supposed to target people with dull and lackluster complexion due to stress and over work. The description in its accompanying product detail is so promising. It claims to visibly boost the skin with energy during the day while help reduce impurities generated by free radicals on skin surface and diminish visible signs of fatigue when using the night formulation.

The day cream is enriched with tomato, apple, bitter orange, grape and pomegranate whilst the night cream is enriched with buckwheat, tea, ruscus, soy and cranberry. For someone who had just recently picked up some knowledge on natural skincare, the combo has all the right ingredients for an effective skincare.

Before making the purchase I read rave reviews on how these combo make skin feel smoother, fresh and radiant-looking and as how a desperate woman would feel, I was sold to the claims and reviews.

When I received the package I was excited. I mean, this would be my first natural skincare and I had such high hopes. 

I love its packaging, I love its very bold colors used on its packaging and I liked how the orange jar felt on my palm. It wasn't too big and it felt sturdy. And as I've mentioned before, I love skincare in jars.

When I opened it up, the whitish cream with a slightly runny consistency gave a faint scent which I didn't really like yet it didn't bother me that much either. I did what most beauty experts would do with creams - to take a small dollop onto the palms, rub it together to warm up the cream and dab onto skin. Both creams absorb quite fast and didn't leave any sticky feeling. 

After 2 weeks of use, I felt and saw nothing. Nothing changed dramatically to my complexion and I didn't see any radiance either. If I had clogged pores, I still had clogged pores. Less signs of fatigue? Well, that didn't improve either. Nothing changed. After 4 weeks of use and still nothing changed, I felt I should just keep it aside and keep on hoping that I will find something else that would wow me. I'm just thankful that the products didn't make any skin disorders worse.

This is the ingredients list for the night cream. I realised I didn't take a photo of the ingredients list for the day cream.

So, with that experience I suddenly remembered how some people said that natural products though they are "safe", they may be too mild to work as well as those with chemical properties. I think that could be right. Though I could use them for another month just to be patient and monitor any progress, I am highly fickle ;) I shall continue my search and I haven't lost hope.

Have you tried this range of skincare from Biotherm? Did they deliver as promised?


lyn said...

I've never used Biotherm skincare and am quite surprised they have a natural line. It's a bummer this didn't really work out for you. I've tried a lot of natural brands and so far the only one I seem to have a bit more luck with is Antipodes.

toughcookie said...

hi lyn,
I didn't know either and I was pleased by the find. Unfortunately, it did nothing.

I've currently tried Jurlique and Caudalie, and they've both been pretty awesome... so I'm sticking to these 2 brands for now :)

Thanks for sharing on Antipodes. I've wanted to try their products but have yet to make a purchase. Perhaps in time...