Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pebble smart watch review part 1.

What's the time?

So basically a smart watch is all about notifications. Making sure that you don't miss anything when you don't have your phones in your hands right. Which is these days kinda rare because you will always have the phone in your hands right? Well there are situations where you need to be discrete so I guess therein lies the need for the pebble. 

Pebble got its big break from kickstarter. It raised more than 10 million and basically kickstarted (no pun intended) the whole smart watch wearable craze. Now everyone is in on the ride. Even apple is rumored to be developing a smart watch and that would be something to look out for. But as it is now, we are looking at the Sony smartwatch 2 and also probably the Samsung galaxy gear as it's main competitors. The main advantage that the pebble has is its compatibility with both android and iOS users. 

samsung galaxy gear.

There are differences in how Samsung and Sony approach their smartwatches and there are cost factors to be considered. Features and functionality also vary but hey we're here to talk about the pebble right?

sony smartwatch 2

So let's get down to it. 

Build quality.
The watch feels cheap. It doesn't have that premium feel to it but the look is quite distinguished. The plastic build helps keep costs low I guess. It's waterproof and rated at 5 ATM so that's a plus point. The watch fits normal watch bands so you can replace the black rubber one that it came with. It comes with a simple USB charging cable that magnetically latches to the watch when it is charging which is a nifty trick. There are 5 colors to choose from and i opted for the red.

The main application is installed on your phone. The official pebble app is minimalistic at best and there are third party ones that gives the watch more functionality. But you don't actually install apps like you would do on a galaxy gear. There is however a version 2 of the software which is on beta and this opens up the pebble to more possibilities. Imma get on to doing that soonest. The pebble itself comes with a basic alarm function, a music control app that works with spotify and of course a watch.

Update: at the time of writing i just downloaded smartwatch pro app for ios and i must say the usability of the pebble is instantly increased.


Whenever you get a message the watch vibrates and the notification pops on the watch.The vibration is fairly strong too. Hmm i wonder if there's any ahem practical use for that eh? Anyways, it is still discrete enough so that only you would notice it.

I think this will do for now. Will talk about battery life and what not once i've played with it a bit more.

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