Saturday, December 7, 2013

Travel tips: Does your hair spoil potentially perfect vacation photos?

One other vacation tips that you'd hardly find on the internet before you go for your vacation especially if you have frizzy hair and you're traveling from our heaty-humid country to colder-drier climate - would be to get yourself a moisturising and nourishing hair treatment one or two weeks before your scheduled vacation.

Even superstars experience bad hair days on their vacation. (photo credit: here)

The amount of ladies traveling abroad and complaining about the look of their hair in photos are mind-boggling. I mean, you spend so much time planning the trip - making sure you get the most reasonable options for the expenditure on flight tickets, accommodation and itinerary, yet you spend so little time thinking about how you'd look in your vacation photos. Mind you, and there are plenty of photos taken at a vacation and as much as you'd like for your vacation to be perfectly beautiful, you'd want to look as beautiful in those pictures too.

Mariah looks super gorgeous even on a bad hair day but we are not Mariah, are we.. (photo credit: here)

When you travel abroad with different climates, your hair changes its personality too, and one that isn't positive - I mean there is risk of static on the flight and then the hair might feel more porous due to the drier condition that even conditioning your hair loads would either make your hair limp or worse still, making your scalp produce more oil to counter dryness.

In any of my preparation before an intended vacation, I'd be sure to get a good hair bath, possibly double treatment with different formulations applied on the scalp and hair-ends... this would ensure that my scalp is cleansed and healthy while the hair ends is properly nourished and moisturised. Last year I tried the uber-costly Brazilian Keratin treatment recommended by a friend but as I didn't quite like it, I decided that this year, I should just do a rebonding job and did it just 5 days before my Europe trip.

last year vacation photo... come rain or shine, I braved it all :)

Jada's hair was obviously a little frazzled but she could get away with it for being really cute. As for us less-cute adults, get a hair treatment.

No matter what you choose, be sure to go to a hair salon that uses credible brands that suit your hair because the outcome can give you one less thing to worry about in a foreign land.

strong gush of winds? no sweat.

A good treatment will leave your hair moisturised with a healthy scalp and it feels just wonderful to wash your hair with normal shampoo and conditioner, yet the hair looks super awesome even without finishing products. Of course, though I've shied away from finishing oil on my hair in the past few months, I did apply a small amount on my hair after a wash as I went to a colder-drier climate. But the good part was, even though it was the start of winter where the climate can be freezing cold, I could just leave the apartment without blowing my hair dry and the lightness of the hair texture made it easy for it to dry naturally while I walked about. And it was quick to dry too.

free and easy, however you wish to style it. the hair didn't get entangled with each other and it was really hassle-free.

Best of all, it looks pretty effortless in photos... and quite effortless to take care of too. Try it.

Do you go for a hair treatment before your vacation?

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