Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh how I love the Body Shop's Body Butters...

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I've never really shared with you my long-time weakness for The Body Shop's body butters. Throughout the years I've bought and used their Strawberry, Mango, Coconut, Sweet Lemon and Satsuma body butters. I have even been gifted their Moroccan Rose and Cranberry body butters, and love them all to bits!

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Every time at their Christmas sale, I would go bonkers over the selection and I'd wanna have them ALL to myself. Unfortunately, I know I can't be that greedy because how much can I use in a day??... and I find myself to only use up one scent at a time. They are so rich and creamy and a tub of 50ml may only last me 3 weeks tops.

Since I love them so much, I even got them for friends on special occasions every once in awhile. 

(photo taken from the Singapore Body Shop online site)

 If you go on their Malaysia online site, this is one of the Christmas gift packs for 2013 available at an exclusive online discounted rate. I love them Body Butters (by Body Shop) because they are considered reasonably priced but more so because they are not greasy, they are absorbed pretty quickly into the skin and leave the skin feeling so supple and smooth. I kind of think they work in similar ways to the body butters from Marks & Spencer although the latter does not have such a huge range.

But what got me really excited was that while I contemplated endlessly on the scents I should choose from their Christmas packs (and whether I should just get the full-sized 200ml tubs at 20% online exclusive discount), I came across the December 2013 issue of The Malaysian Women's Weekly and saw that they are giving out the 50ml Body Butter (worth RM25) FOC. I wailed in utter delight! 

In this issue too, there's a voucher for you to redeem a full-sized body butter FREE with every purchase of a full-sized tub. That's even better than the online discount, right?

Not sure how good they are on super-sensitive skin or people with eczema, though. I'm a little worried on my excitement in sharing stuff like this since a friend with eczema who've bought many products I've reviewed in here told me that her reaction to those products that work so well on me isn't the same. So before you buy something, be sure that you get a sample or check out their testers to see if you are sensitive to the formulations.

I'm a sucker for them butters, and while there are plenty of wonderful contents in this magazine which I can share with you, I would be pretentious to persuade you to buy the magazine for its other contents ;)

Do you like/love 'em like I do?


Anonymous said...

I love the scents of some of their body butters but I cannot use them. They cause my skin to itch. I have eczema on my body and sensitive skin.

toughcookie said...

hiya lyn,
that's too bad. thanks for sharing that with us. i guess i know that i shouldn't recommend this to anyone with eczema and sensitive skin then.