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Cremorlab T.E.N. Cremor for face Enriched Moisture, another option for fans of Korean beauty brands.

When it comes to beauty products from Korea, a lot of people I know have so many positive things to say. I am not sure if its because of the known fact that Koreans do have super beautiful skin or do we only see it that way from those Korean stars on TV? It is also a known fact that their diet includes many types of food that promote beautiful skin and then there's also the weather. But how can we not forget that Koreans are also very open to dermatologist procedures at a very young age? So, is it really the products that make their skin so dewy moist?

I digress. Since everyone would tell me how good Korean brands are, I decided that I should give this a go and see if I have a winner.

The moment I was handed this cream by MUSE at Watsons, I thought the packaging looks quite luxurious. The box is made of biodegradable material and the sketch element on all the packaging of their products look classy to me. And when I was informed that this beauty is from Korea, I was a little excited, though not too hopeful. I know for a fact that what works well for you may not work as well for me.

And you know how I always say keywords play an important role in my selection of skincare products? The words "Enriched Moisture" kind of scared me a little bit. I mean, for my age, I do believe I'm already in the "mature" skin group - not quite youthful and in need of proper anti-aging treatments. Yet, most of the anti-aging creams or gel-creams I've tried on are just too rich and would eventually clog my pores. I shy away from creams and "enriched" formulation even if you tell me I'd need the hydration boost.

I have always had super oily skin and although I've always hated having to blot my skin come mid-day, I guess I'd have to thank my genes because that super oily fact gave me an impressive result of having skin of a 29 year-old in my recent skin test ;) therefore, though anti-aging would definitely benefit me in the long run, I do think it is not that necessary either, for now that is.

But... as I've just discovered or rather, "suspect" that my skin may not tolerate most of the skincare products out there due to the common silicone content, I'm trying hard to be vigilant about the ingredients contained in any particular product. I'm trying hard to shy away from any that lists down dimethicone, or cyclopentaxilosane or anything with 'cone' (trimethicone, cyclomethicone, etc.) at the end of the word.

So I asked if this contains silicone and I was told that it does not.

I was using this together with the Hydraluron serum and my skin looked amazing especially when this was used at night. But my excitement was shortlived as my word game with beauty products came true. I saw many small bumps on the jawline after almost 1 month of use and I suspect that this cream may be too rich for my "young" skin. Aha....

The product is really creamy but don't feel too oily. In fact, it absorbs really well but that could also be because of the serum I was using which made skin instantly matte.

For Cremorlab, the Enriched Moisture is one of the other two moisturisers that MUSE by Watsons carry in their outlet - one is called T.E.N. Cremor for Face Smooth Pudding (which is for the more mature skin types) that comes in a 60ml jar and T.E.N Cremor for face Fresh Water Gel that comes in a 100ml jar. Initially, I thought the Fresh Water Gel may be more suited for my skin as it sounds more fresh, in my perception ;)

(taken from Cremorlab website)

Cremorlab basically focuses on hydration. Why T.E.N. and what does it stand for? Well, I've read their website repeatedly and I can't find the exact words for each of the 3 alphabets but it is basically a name for their key ingredient - thermal water from Geumjin. The water from its hot spring is apparently rich in minerals and provides wonderful benefits for the skin.

The products include a careful selection of natural ingredients that ensures moisture retention and contain no parabens, mineral oil, benzophenone or artificial colouring. Benefits of T.E.N. include concentrated hydration, improvement of dryness, enhancement of softness, protection of skin, relief from stressed skin conditions, nutrients, balanced moisture, reinforcement of elasticity, purification of pores and skin surface, and lessen damage.

Their prices are quite reasonable, ranging from RM22 for a 50ml mineral water spritz bottle, RM59 for a 145ml Gentle Foaming Cleanser to a RM169 for a 50ml bottle of Aqua Essence Water Fluid. 

Now I like most of what Cremorlab presented to me - I like the classy design of the packaging in all their products and their packaging also feels sturdy. The cream did not feel oily and it is a plus point that it didn't have any strong fragrance. At a price of RM139 for a 45ml jar, I thought the price is quite reasonable for a product that claims to hydrate, brighten and nourish skin. In fact, if MUSE by Watsons isn't located in a place a little too cumbersome for me to go to like Sunway Pyramid, I would really love to try out their other products, ie. the cleanser, the toner and the Fresh Water Gel. I've yet to make my way to MUSE by Watsons again and that's quite sad since the outlet seems to carry many good stuff.

My only doubt about the brand is whether or not their products contain silicone. Although I was told that they don't, I am unable to read the ingredients list on the box as the packaging does not provide English labels. They're are all in Korean characters! Even the info pack I got did not mention that they do not have silicone and only eliminate ingredients like mineral oil, parabens and artificial colouring. 

I also didn't see any "brightening" effect to my skin because I probably only used it for about 3 weeks. Hydration wise, it was just ok. I'm not sure if it will improve skin's hydration in longer term and it's unfortunate that I fear slathering the enriched cream on my face again now that I've gotten it calmer.

If you wish to check it out and don't mind the hassle of traffic and parking issues, just head on down to MUSE at Watsons in Sunway Pyramid. I do think there are some good qualities to Cremorlab. I just hadn't the opportunity to try out their other stuff that are better suited for my skin.

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Anonymous said...

Yes this comment is 5 years too late but hey someone else might be wondering too. This cream does contain Dimethicone, it is the 6th ingredient listed. My box has the english ingredients as i bought it in Australia thats how i know.