Sunday, July 7, 2013

MUSE by Watsons, a nice new beauty stop.

When I was invited to check out MUSE by Watsons I actually thought it was a new skincare line produced by Watsons. I made my way to Watsons Sunway Pyramid and was a little confused when I saw a huge artistic structure in front of Watsons that clearly indicated MUSE by Watsons is located at LG1, one floor above Watsons.

Much to my delight, I saw this bright outlet, with warm deco - beauty products from good brands nicely arranged, beautifully set up vanity area, lotsa room to move about and a woman with a stroller won't ever feel like she has to manoeuvre any narrow areas or afraid if her baby would nudge products for it to fall while she pushes the stroller.

The huge luscious vanity area must be the outlet's main attraction. As you can see, colourful products nicely arranged that you'd want to pick them up and try.

They even place tea sets and I was embarrassed to ask if they made tea for me ;P I think they're only for deco purposes...

I was equally pleased when I saw many good products I am very familiar with while the outlet also carries brands that you may want to try but they're not available anywhere near us.

Among the skincare brands I'm familiar with are Yves Rocher, Kose and Kanebo.

See anything you're familiar with...?

If the combo above is too small, these are some of the single shots, starting with Maskingdom, single sheets of a wide variety of masks from Taiwan not available anywhere else in our country. They're apparently good and a bit costlier at RM16+ compared to those packed ones like My Beauty Diary, etc. 

Dirty Works reminds me so much of Soap & Glory - similar packaging, almost the same feel of the illustration and they're both British. In fact, some say that Dirty Works is the lesser known version of Soap & Glory, but with better results. I wouldn't  know as I've not tried these. So I shall...

Kneipp is something new to me. According to their website, it works naturally. Kneipp® is one of the leading providers of effective body care, nutritional supplements and bathing products.  (Link to Kneipp)

These were very delightful to watch - all sorts of falsies you can imagine! I'm afraid I forgot to check out their price range but I'm sure they are reasonably priced.

And of course, Burt's Bees... the original lotion and cream works amazing on my eldest's eczema. 

Other brands there include CLIV, OPI, H2O and perfumes from Gucci, JLo, Armani, Anna Sui and many many more. Apart from Maskingdom there are also other sheet masks from other brands.

Further inside the outlet, there is a manicure area for simple manicure works costing RM20. 

I was told that if you're already a Watsons' member, you can use your Watsons card for members benefits. But purchases of RM200 or more will also award you with an exclusive MUSE by Watsons membership card.

What I am excited about is really on these, actually. I got products to try out which are totally new to me. They are BiO2 You, a Latvian 100% organic product certified as Eco Bio Cosmetics; Indeed, a Canadian simple products and Cremorlab, attractively packaged products from Korea known for its hydrating properties. I've tried these products for 1 week now and I've been seeing improvements on my skin. I'd like to try them out for a good 1 month and hoping that the results I'm seeing will maintain or improve more.

In the mean time, my take on MUSE by Watsons is a positive one. At first I compared it to SASA and Shins but after I spent a good half hour here, just looking at the other competitors make me think that it doesn't even come close to them. MUSE is so much more welcoming and didn't make me feel overwhelmed by too many products and brands that are stacked and arranged too crammed to each other. MUSE by Watsons is probably in a class of its own, probably not as chic as Sephora but it has its own charm... I especially love the warm brightness of the outlet, the plenty of room to move about and the very pretty product placements on the vanity area which you would see first when you come into MUSE by Watsons.

The only setback is probably that there is currently only ONE outlet in the country. And it is located in Sunway Pyramid. They do plan to expand but we're not sure if any other outlets will open anytime soon. For now, this is a nice beauty stop for those nearby this area.

I've seen some other products which I'd like to try. Will definitely come back soon.

Have you come across MUSE by Watsons?

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aisyah Chronicles said...

As an avid fan of beauty products, I'm embarrassed to announce that I've never heard of Muse by Watsons before. Great, another store to waltz in and spend my money on... :o