Saturday, September 28, 2013

Timotei Shampoos & Conditioners are still alive and kicking well!

Remember when I mentioned that I think all my shampoos seem to gang up on me and finish simultaneously? I got a little frustrated that I'd need a large outlay  in one go, just to replenish several types of shampoos & conditioners which would be used up really quickly with the super long hair that I have.

I even told Mr Oosband that I'd probably want to cut my hair short again like I did a few years back just so that I could scrimp on the amount of shampoo that I use or even cut down the types of shampoo that I needed to use >.<

But but but I suddenly thought of this one drugstore brand shampoo that I haven't seen in ages, which I saw on the shelves of Guardian pharmacy in Bangsar Shopping Centre that I thought I'd give it my last shot before fully giving up. 

Do any of you remember this brand of shampoo? I could even recall its annoying jingle!

When I told Mr Oosband that I was gonna get me the Timotei shampoo, he asked me if the brand ever exists anymore. I mean yeah, the last time I used it was probably more than 20 years ago back in high school and I remember how my hair loved its herbal scent. I think their winning formula would be their super rich conditioner which would leave my hair feeling soft, silky and look darn shiny.

Sometime last year, I saw the brand again and I was eager to try it. And so, that time came for me to give it a go, to see if those wonderful reviews I read from users in the UK are for real. 

And since one 300ml bottle only costs me RM16.40 instead of how much I'd usually pay for a shampoo, I got overboard and bought 2 types - the avocado intensive repair shampoo & separate conditioner, and since I am very happy with my DIY home virgin coconut oil treatment, I also got the intense coconut shampoo + conditioner in 1 ;)

What surprised me the most was that the brand carries 0% parabens in their products.

And for such a reasonably priced item, quality of its ingredients is impressive. They actually use 100% natural extracts and the scent from the formula is heavenly!

I mean, have you ever smelt different brands of shampoo on the shelves and they all smell the same? Like take a whiff of Sunsilk, Pantene and Clairol herbal essence... they all have the same type of scent but packed in different bottles.

Timotei, on the other hand totally wasn't at all like those I've smelt. The intense repair smells of vanilla while the coconut 2-in-1 smells just like Kiehl's amino shampoo but stronger. I like strong scents in shampoos because I love it when I'm able to smell my own head! :D

What surprised me the most was that the intense repair shampoo looks and feel similar to my RM80 shampoo which I use for repair and I couldn't have asked for a better option. I am, in love!

The intense repair shampoo was creamy and lathers rich while the conditioner was enough to disentangle my long strands of hair. And since I mentioned that I no longer use hair finishing products to benefit from pore-clogging silicone effect, it is important for me to find a really moisturising shampoo. Oh, and cheap ones too!

I am pleased to let you know that these RM16 beauties fare just as well as the expensive moisturising shampoo and conditioner I had used before, no joke. But since it is about 4 times cheaper, I'd say it works excellent and much better than a more expensive moisturising shampoo and conditioner.

After my first use, I kept touching my hair and letting Mr Oosband know how much I'm loving every second of it and that I don't need to worry about them being used up so quickly. In fact, I am now enjoying every moment of soft silky shiny hair with these really reasonably priced items.

And if I needed to wash my hair the next day due to the sweat I got from working out, I'd reach out to the 2-in-1 shampoo for a quick cleanse and the softness and silky feeling of my hair is properly maintained. I'm even hoping that despite its cheap price tag, the shampoo actually helps nourish my scalp and hair.

Info at the back of the bottle.

Do you know that Timotei hails from France? Ot at least they are made in France.

Truthfully, I'm in love and I don't remember ever getting this excited over my shampooing sessions in the bathroom. Even when I'm just using my normal Aveda clarifying shampoo, I'd reach out for the Timotei intense repair conditioner and my entire limpish hair would feel instantly light, soft and silky.

I feel awesome, really...

The Timotei products can also be found in Guardian 1Utama. I'm not sure if all Guardian outlets stock these but I'm sure the larger ones do carry this brand.

What do you all think? Would you be interested to try these out?


jerusha said...

Just started using Timotei avocado shampoo and conditioner too. Loving them too so far! :)

Daemyn said...

Used it too.. love the smell and yeah it does make your hair so soft

Anonymous said...

Just tried the 2-in-1 yesterday & its effect was similar to Pantene Nature Care separate shampoo & conditioner. Thanks for your review as it convinced me to try this brand.

Anonymous said...

Love it too ! I was looking for a new conditioner to try when I went inside Guardian @ Paradigm Mall (without a specific brand in mind as I have tried numerous brands but nothing seemed to work for my dry hair), when Timotei sales person approached me and suggested I try the conditioner. I used it with Tresemme shampoo (I bought a big bottle of that shampoo so I thought I'd finish that one first before buying another shampoo It costs me almost RM30 though) my hair felt super soft and smells so good the whole day ! Really affordable price too. Cant wait to try their shampoo after this,

Suresh said...

I remember using this shampoo during primary school days. the bottle packaging was different. unfortunately, this brand disappeared from the market and I started using rejoice until now. Good to know that timotei is back and I'm definitely going to purchase and start using timotei again.

Anonymous said...

Back in the 1980's a life long friend of mine was a regular consumer of Timotei shampoo. Given his fondness of pan flute music it was no surprise to me that the TV adverts of that time held such an allure. Although hair features much less prominently on my dear friend's head these days, I'm sure he will be thrilled at the news of the return of his favourite shampoo brand.

Bingo said...

I love the 2 in 1 coconut oil Timotei shampoo. I use it with coconut based conditioner and my hair is stronger now with little hair fall.

Rohit Bansal said...

There are in fact many oils that can reduce or stop hair fall but I am familiar to only a few that are aloe Vera and Fenugreek, so I can suggest you best anti dandruff shampoo which is working very good.