Friday, September 20, 2013

Pureology Essential Repair shampoo & conditioner feel like pure bliss.

It looks like this week may be all about hair care only because my shampoos sort of ganged up on me and depleted almost simultaneously.

image credit: pureology website

The Pureology Essential Repair duo was purchased after I did my Brazilian Keratin treatment last year in August. When I was told the price, I was stunned. But... since I had just done a very expensive treatment, I didn't want to spoil the outcome and relented. Furthermore, I did the treatment just before leaving for my Europe vacation and I wanted my hair to look perfect in photos no matter how cold, dry or warm the environment I was in ;)

The shampoo was RM78 while the conditioner was RM86, both at only 250ml. Please don't stop reading after I just told you the price... tsk tsk.

They didn't last me a year if I had not used it so sparingly. And I only used it when I felt that I needed deep moisturisation and not every other day, ok. For my every other day, I also had my clarifying shampoo and another moisturising one perfect for anti-frizz.

Recently, though, as my hair grew so much longer and in need of more moisture, I find myself turning to these green ones. And only recently that I realised how expensive I had paid, that it is such a joy using hair products of 100% vegan ingredients and how much softer and smoother my hair felt! I guess they are worth every sen you paid for.

Truthfully, if not for my long dry hair, I didn't quite like the creamy consistency of the shampoo... the smell is also nothing fancy neither does it smell awful. For a shampoo, I feel that the scent of a shampoo is of utmost priority... for me, at least. No matter how good a shampoo is, I would want to smell it first. If it is bearable, I shall grab it. If not, I shall just move on to the next best alternative.

Of course in this case, the Pureology combo was shoved to me. And I kind of appreciate that though, as I realised that I am using such a good product. Just a small old 50 sen size lathers so rich, covering my entire long hair. I'm just 5 feet and my hair has touched my butt. So, I'm guessing that I have about 1 meter of long hair. My thick locks is made even thicker now that I've made it a point to the DIY home treatment with the virgin coconut oil and one application is enough to cover the entire length. 

I felt sad when my conditioner ran out and the shampoo, quite soon enough... probably will last me for another 2 times or so of usage. And I don't think I'd want to repurchase because it just doesn't make sense to spend so much for it to finish in just a short time. I mean I used to be able to use a 500ml shampoo for at least 8 months. But this small 250ml pack may last me much shorter than that with my long thick locks.

And so, as much as I love the benefits of these for my dry hair, I have wandered out for a similar moisturising hair care. I'm excited to tell you the outcome from the hunt. Watch this space, hopefully an update by next week :D

Have you tried any Pureology range? I believe that they are all catered for colour-treated hair.


Paris B said...

I tried the purple hydrating one. It was very interesting but I don't think it did much for my hair, to my surprise. Hair felt dry. But the L'oreal professional Mythic Oil shampoo & conditioner is quite nice!

toughcookie said...

hi Paris,
so the purple version didn't quite work then, huh? how was the smell? was is strong? this green version is quite strong. didn't quite like it actually but got used to it.

and thanks for the tip. I should probably try the mythic oil one then ;P