Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love rekindled with Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo.

You know my usual clarifying shampoo that I so love from Kiehl's? Well.. I've just finished the last bottle and since Aveda is now open in 1 Utama, I decided to rekindle lost love ;)

I've written before briefly about how much I love their rosemary mint shampoo here at the start of this blog and decided I should revisit.

They didn't have stock of their 1L bottle and so I was more than happy to just bring home a small one.

Having used another shampoo for so long, I quite forgot how lovely it smells. You can feel a light tingly feel, barely, from the mint content at the end of the wash but nothing strong. When I used it again the first time, I didn't even feel the cool mint. Only on my 2nd use a week later did I feel that light tingling sensation.

Since I have oily scalp and dry hair, I only use this weekly in place of my usual moisturising shampoo. I treat it as a weekly treatment to wash away oiliness, provide a balance to my scalp condition and clean any build up. You know how moisturising shampoo can make your hair limp and lifeless hence this shampoo gives a certain lightness to my long thick locks.

I love its smell and I actually forgot how well this shampoo lathers. It's better than what I remembered, and I'm afraid to say that it lathers even better than the Kiehl's version that I used. Of course, lathering shouldn't be a measurement to its efficacy but I just like that feeling of thick foamy hair which makes it so easy to massage. Feels so luxurious like that.

This bottle costs RM68 for a 250ml. I don't use it's conditioner as it may not be moisturising enough for my hair. 

When I tweeted before on the opening of the Aveda outlet in 1U, I found out that this is their popular product. Many beauty bloggers I know love this shampoo too. I guess that would already be a strong testimonial of how good it is. Maybe...

If you have tried it, do let me know if you like it. I certainly do... very much :)

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