Tuesday, July 30, 2013

BIO2 You Organic Facial Cleanser

When I was passed the BiO2 You Organic Facial cleanser by MUSE by Watsons, it was like perfect timing.

I was in the midst of questioning the contents in the skincare I am using and part of the study I did resulted in an outcome that's kinda eye-opening for me. I mean, if I'd really like to pursue non-silicone products, I'd be safe with organic / natural skincare. 

The cleanser is actually targeted to the mature skin type. In fact, the entire range of BiO2 You that's available in MUSE by Watsons is targeted for anti-aging. However, on its packaging it states that any skintypes can still benefit from this product and it can help tone oily skin too. I was a little worried about the mature target group at first but I do know that cream cleansers like this can actually substitute your milk cleanser and be used as the first step in your double cleansing routine to remove makeup.

I was informed that since it is concentrated, I only need to pump a small amount. However, since this cleanser doesn't lather and melts very nicely into the skin when applied, it took some getting used to. Hence, I actually use 10 pumps every time.

I love its texture. It isn't too rich, it rinses off really well and removes make up quite ok since I use a gel cleanser after that anyway. I love its light citrucy scent and the creamy texture. Once it melts into the skin, I'd wet my hands a little and go over every inch of my face and neck, cleansing off makeup, oil and dirt in the process.

I love that it keeps my skin feeling hydrated, fresh and clean. And I'm not sure how much of a difference a cleanser can make, but I do feel a slight improvement in my skin texture. I do believe that proper cleansing is important because it will affect the outcome of the next beauty steps of serum and moisturiser that will be absorbed into the skin. The cleanser feels light yet works well.

The cleanser comes in a nice tall slim glass bottle that's just the right size in the palm of your hand. It isn't too heavy or slippery and the pump dispenses a nice small amount if you intend not to use too much. The only downside about the packaging is that it only comes in a 100ml bottle, priced at RM88. I'm one who use up my cleansers pretty quick and I'd usually go after cleansers that's at least 200ml. I've been using this for about 1 month and it is running out really soon.

As you can see in the picture above, the product is a certified eco bio cosmetics. Hence, it uses only safe contents and isn't tested on animals. It uses Seabuckthorn oil as its main ingredient, alcohol-free, colour-free, animal-derived ingredients-free and it is a vegan product.

Benefits of Seabuckthorn according to its website.

I shall not dwell too much about the benefits of organic products vs widely available chemical ones you see in the market until I've gathered enough information and possibly try them for a long term to really be able to tell you for sure. But what I can tell you is, this cleanser does show me some positive results which I saw after just a week of use. 

BiO2 You mainly focuses on age prevention and offers a full range of products from cleanser to body lotion and you can also find a safe self-tanning lotion available at MUSE by Watsons.  Prices range form RM55 - RM135.

Did you manage to drop by MUSE by Watsons? They are located on LG1 of Sunway Pyramid, Subang.

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