Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jars scrubbed clean - Reuse and recycle.

A lot of people dislike beauty products in jars. Frankly, though I do get a little concerned on the hygienic aspect of it, I do like my creams in jars simply because I could always get every minute leftovers of the product and could swipe the jar clean with my fingers.

I especially love them travel-sized ones, eye creams that come in small 15g size and I also appreciate deluxe-sized ones meant for trial because I know I could always scrub them clean after I've emptied its content and reuse them to refill other products for trial that I get in sachets. And, more often than not, these jars are so valuable to me as I use them when I travel.

I like to travel light and these things help especially in long-haul flights where a small toiletries set is essential for me to freshen up my skin. With one small toiletries set to carry on board the flight, I believe my other beauty essentials in my luggage should also be in travel sized packs, if at all those products I use are feasible and ok to be stored in jars.

All scrubbed clean and ready to be reused!

For jars, they are very easy to be cleaned and dried too. You can use tissues to dry them if you are in a hurry to refill them. As for bottles, they get a little tricky and the best way is to usually air dry them, which can take time... you may also want to properly scrutinise any tiny amount of water left if not properly aired. This could affect the efficacy of the product that you would want to refill later.

Do you do this as well? I much prefer the quality of beauty products jars rather than those empty travel cases that you can buy from the supermarket... they're just too plasticky, not airtight and I feel that they don't maintain the quality of the products. 

2 comments: said...

I like my product in jars too because I can easily reuse after i clean them, and best part is - no air pressure when I travel, so I won't get a surprise like those products in tubes ;)

toughcookie said...,
oh ya, that too. in a tube, once you touch down and try to use them, it comes out splat in a large dose :)