Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Shiseido Japonica Facial Haven and the feeling of shortchanged.

Shiseido Japonica Facial Haven
Recently, when I received this mailer, I was excited.

Back then when Shiseido had their Shiseido The Salon outlet at Level 7 of KL's Sogo, I was their regular customer. I loved going for my facials there even if it meant driving out 20km away from home once a month simply because their facial service is decent, the price is reasonable, it does what it's supposed to do and their beauty therapist didn't do any hard sell, ever. I went to the same centre every month for 4 years and was sad when they closed down the outlet. Since then, I've gone on a facial salon hunt but have not gotten all the right combination in one place - all are either expensive or they'd always push for me to either sign an expensive package/buy their expensive products all the time.

So, when I found out that they have the Japonica Facial in all the Isetan outlets, I knew I had to try their facial at Isetan 1Utama where it is nearer to where I am.

Unfortunately, I was told that they didn't have any beauty therapist there but I could go over to Isetan KLCC to try. Which I did.

Well, I must say that it was a big disappointment. Though their pricing is rather good, the service was just so so, nothing like what I experienced at their The Salon years back. They didn't have a proper technique as they didn't layer any creams on my face before steaming it. And when the therapist did the extraction on my nose area, it hurt like mad as she used the metal prong instead of squeezing using her fingers and tissue. Truly a disappointment. In addition, they didn't cover the eyes with a facial cotton during steaming, neither did the therapist layer on any moisturising lip balm to keep lips moist while the steam loosen up my pores, further dehydrating the skin.

The Therapist prescribed the Bright and Beautiful session, using their White Lucent range. I did mention some of my concerns and how I think am loving a mixture of their range from the samples that I tried and the items that I am using. As an expert, she told me that just the White Lucent alone is sufficient for my skin concerns.

Treatment went on for about 90 minutes but I wasn't relaxed, neither did I fall asleep the way I always do during a facial. Everything felt wrong especially when the neck area was totally neglected. I don't ever remember going for a beauty treatment where only the face area is treated and no mask or cream was applied on the neck area. It felt really weird.

And if you're expecting hand massages, there ain't one either.

When the facial was done, the therapist pushed for me to sign up for a 4-times facial package as they had a promotion for a buy-3-get 4 facials + 4 eye treatments. I was so ready to do that before I came for the facial since I've discovered by accident how well some of their products work on me now than it did before. Somehow, after that less than satisfying 90-minute experience I felt that I should just stick to the products that work. I just felt short-changed from the whole experience.

Looks like I shall continue to find a salon with that perfect combination that I can agree with and am not sure when I'd really stick to just one salon.

Have you tried the Japonica facial? Could it have been better if I had tried the more expensive session?

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Puteri said...

hehe..remind me of my facial "treatment" at this newly opened salon near USM ages ago. the "therapist" poke my face til it was swollen and red, sakit nak mampos!