Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Outlet @Tropicana City Mall

entrance of shop
I came across this baby store by accident while Mr Oosband and I were 'dating'. Note that I put the word dating in inverted commas because there is no such thing as dating anymore when you have 2 little ones constantly demanding for attention. But... we all do what we need to do and so, one day, when we only had about 2 hours to ourselves, we decided to hang out in an unbusy mall nearby our place.

baby outlet
Baby Outlet is a name of a shop, not a category. When I went into the shop, I was truly impressed with the variety of baby products they have inside. And all the photos I took below is probably only 1/3 of what they have in store.

avent special bottle
You know how much I love the special edition Avent bottles. They used to be available in my favourite baby shop in the Curve but I have not seen it around since the past year, until I came to this shop. The bottles are expensive and I am not sure how many really buy them. At that time, I managed to get a friend to buy them for me in Singapore and the price over there is waaaay cheaper. But yeah, so this little Baby Outlet here sells this little beauty.

They have an impressive range of baby toiletries brands...

more things
and the number of bottles/utensils that are usually only available in bigger stores are available here.

these bottles are really cute with animal prints.

medela parts
another impressive point: they have loads of medela parts and accessories. You don't have to search online. You can just come here and check them out for yourself!

frozen food containers
you know how I used to store my baby food in ice cube containers which can be really small when the baby grows?... and food containers for homemade baby food are just so difficult to find? Well, they have some variety here.

it's like a one-stop shop where you can also get baby clothes.

Maclaren accessories
another impressive point - accessories for MacLaren stroller!

the washable squashable high chair
I almost went crazy in the store because of the many products that are rarely found in our local stores. And this one is no exception. I mean, you really have all the alternatives to how you bring up your baby and you are able to explore those alternatives with the range of things in this outlet.

They also carry many toys and almost everything you need for your baby - even down to the basic diapers and the most complicated baby toys.

So, if you are out at Tropicana City Mall, PJ and are always excited to check out new stuff for your baby, Baby Outlet is over at Level 2.

Have you come across a baby store that you really like? What do you look for in a baby store?

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Sangeetha said...

The last pic of Washable high chair is so good and convenient...Not sure if it is available in India. But thanks for mentioning it to us.