Saturday, August 4, 2012

Maybelline [LIP] Smooth Color & Care

Not everything expensive is good and not everything cheap isn't good. Based on this fact, I must share with you this lovely product I've only discovered.

I have naturally dry chapped lips. And though I've tried many lip balms from the more expensive brands, I found that some are good and some are not. And since I hardly use lip balms except for those weekends when I just do not feel like using any lipstick (or those nights at home when lips are dry and I'd still wanna look gorgeous in front of dear ol Mr Oosband), I found that many of those expensive balms or glosses are hardly used.

I also feel that to pay up 70 bucks on a colourless stick, I'd rather spend that amount on a nice lip colour instead, don't you think?

  Maybelline lip gloss
So the other day, while I was looking for a lip balm in our local pharmacy, I chanced upon several colours of Maybelline's [Lip] Smooth Colour Care and was intrigued to try it.

I chose the darkest colour they have knowing very well that colours on a lip balm hardly ever show on my lips. A nice hint of colour would be nice while it helps keep my lips smooth and moist.

I must say that I truly like the texture. I mean, I've used a stick similar to this, from Burts Bees but the texture is hard and hardly moisturising. This one is soft and really moisturising, and made my dry lips look awfully smooth. Sadly though, the colour didn't show on my lips at all. Well, it may probably have that tinge of colour but it is either too light to show or that it is similar to my natural lip colour. It does make my lips look fresh so I guess there must be some layer of colour.

The moisturising feeling lasts pretty well and 3 times of use in a day make applying lip colour easy and smooth for me. I no longer need to touch up my lip colour at work... since the colour that I apply in the morning would dry up on my dry lips by afternoon time, the lip balm smoothens the colour out, giving a really natural result.

I like it so much that when I changed bags this morning and probably missed transferring it into the bag, I got another stick with a different colour ;P

the ingredients list...

According to Maybelline, the product is supposed to help repair dry lips thanks to its natural ingredients - Jojoba oil and Safflower seed oil. It also contains Vitamin E to protect lips from external aggressions and lips will become more moisturised, soft and supple. The colour spreads evenly and gives lips a subtle shiny tint.

I don't remember how much I got it for when I bought it the first time at Guardian. This morning at Vitacare pharmacy, it retails at just RM9.90.

What's your favourite lip balm?

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Jyoan said...

Oh, I love this one. I got the green one that is supposed to be organic.