Friday, May 25, 2012

Clarins Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing Lipstick

Remember how I mentioned that I have discovered some other products that work really great by Clarins? Well, one of them that I'd like to share with you is their Joli Rouge Long-Wearing Moisturizing lipstick.

If you scrutinise a post I did when I asked about the possibility of a woman having too many lipsticks, you might be able to spot two Clarins Joli Rouge lippie in the photos.

The positive side to the lipstick is its creaminess and lasting colour. And if you've been reading me long enough, you would know how important it is for me to use a creamy formula. The lasting colour factor would be just a bonus with any moisturising lipstick that I'd use.

The Joli Rouge lipstick also has a yummy smell... like those you get from a yummy fruity bubble gum. It makes applying creamy lip colour a pure joy for me!

Of course, with any good products, they would have their weaknesses. But none of those that I couldn't tolerate. They would include it's weird jumbo size, they do not have a large range of colours and... they are priced pretty steep. Jumbo size - where the lipstick is sized pretty fat compared to other luxury brand lipsticks in the market... limited colours - which is why I only own 2, a Cedar Red and a Rose Berry... and for a product that's not too popular, the price can probably put you off. I bought them quite awhile ago and have forgotten the price but I do remember it in the range of RM80's.

But, if creamy is your thing and you don't mind forking out so much for a virtually unknown gorgeous lip product, this might just fall into your favourite list. Best of all, you don't really need a mirror to quickly touch up that lip colour after a meal because you can just look into its mirror-like finished cover and voila!

Have you tried any lip products from Clarins? 


StreetLove said...

I own 2 lipstick from Clarins. They were gifted to me a few months ago. The best lipstick I ever used. Like yourself, I need creamy lipstick too. Have you tried their new White Plus HP powder foundation?

toughcookie said...

their lipsticks are getting better, right?

have not tried their powder foundation because at the moment, i am suspecting that powder foundations clog my pores even more. am sticking to liquid foundations for now.