Friday, April 20, 2012

Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser & Starter Kit for Oily/Blemish Prone Skin to end my nightmare

Recently, when I stopped breastfeeding my little Jebat, my hormones started to play tricks with my body (and skin!) yet again and I believe I have been plagued by the worst case of acne attacks in my entire life. In fact, I took a picture of one side of my face to put on this post but I decided against it, seeing how disgusting it looks.

With the realisation that my skin is getting worse, I started to take action and change some or part of my skincare routine, by including some form of anti-acne product in between my normal skincare regimen. It worked here and there but not to a point where I was totally satisfied with the results. I almost gave up with everything until one day, I got an email from Sephora Malaysia to quickly collect my RM75 voucher which I can use to purchase selected brands from their stores. Seeing those brands listed, I started to do some research of my own and shortlisted a few brands that offer a range of anti-acne care that are supposed to help me with my current problem. All these, based on testimonial of users and the ingredients in their products.

aloe cleanser 
After a long deliberation in the Sephora outlet (I think I took a good 45 minutes to make up my mind), I finally decided to get my hands on this Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser by Ole Henriksen. At just RM79 for a 207ml bottle, and Aloe Vera as its main ingredient, I decided that this would be a perfect purchase.

directions cleanser 
A lot of people would probably not like the smell of the cleanser based on their testimonial in some sites - it may smell a little herbal like but I have no qualms on the scent. It still smells much better than other acne cleanser formulation I've smelt and the smell totally disappears after you rinse it off.

ingredients cleanser 
I like that its main ingredient is the aloe vera content. It totally respects the skin and not use any harsh elements so that skin is calmer after cleansing and somewhat hydrated to prep skin for the next step. I am not sure how well this cleanser works to cleanse skin off makeup because I use a separate milk cleanser first before using the Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser.

And while I was there browsing around Sephora and totally mesmerised by the packaging, content and product availability here in Malaysia, I thought I might as well try the starter pack that contains all 6 of these products - they are all in a nice size and I have been using them for almost a month, with wonderful results! :)

starter kit
The pack contains - Top L-R: The Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser, Vitamin Plus (day cream), Grease Relief Face Tonic | Bottom L-R: Walnut Complexion Scrub, Invigorating Night Gel & Blemish Attack Mask.

What made me choose this brand was mainly because of the ingredients it has in its products. Ole Henriksen, if you check out its website, started off specialising in acne treatments and chemical peels. Hence, some of its anti-blemish and anti-aging creams contain fruit acids, AHA or glycolic acid, or a combination of them. I have used products with glycolic acid before and my complexion was almost flawless then.

But, with any products that contain peeling agents, they may not be suitable for everyone. Some people may find that the products sting, although I must say that their moisturisers all feel so much milder than those I've used before (ie. MD Formulation with 8% glycolic content or NeoStrata).

The fact that my skin is not getting any younger and cell turnaround time may be a little slower than it should, may be one reason why my skin is getting more acne than before (mind you, all these are self-diagnosed based on my understanding of the way my skin works). Of course, a good friend of mine would easily tell me that I should take the Pill and all these problems would be gone. But I don't know... I have never really thought of going into that direction.

Hence, this time, with acne popping up waaay before that time of the month (at almost every angle of my skin), this starter kit had definitely helped immensely, with the help of other supplements, which I shall write about in a few more posts.

Truly, I feel so blessed to have come across this wonderful brand. I love that apart from the cleanser and toner, they all come in a glass jar and very nicely colour coded. I love products that come in a jar because I can control how much I take from it and I can make sure that I finish up the item clean. The starter kit also comes in such a nice size that is not too small for you to refill but also large enough for a long time use. It totally scores well with me in terms of packaging, size, content and the result it brings.

This is definitely a priceless find, for me.

Have you come across this brand before? Which one is your favourite product to combat acne?


Anonymous said...

oh this looks like such a good find! what's your favourite product from the kit?

toughcookie said...

hiya anonymoushedonist,
my favourite in the pack would be the night gel. it makes my skin soft, smooth & supple in the morning :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, it was a great article, describing how wonderful is this Ole Henriksen products.
Me too, have been troubled and suffering with acne problem since few years back. But, I'm yet to full cure them even after went to skin specialist.
I've been seeing this product accidentally in other webstore. Was amazed with the review from customers. But, I'm not sure whether it will suits my dry skin (which become oily when went out whole day). I hope that we could get in contact personally to understand more about the product & skin condition which is suitable or not to use this product.
(If you don't mind, my email will be

Have a good day ahead.

Anonymous said...

i went to sephora days ago, but unfortunately, they've discontinued the starter kit. & i have no chance to try all the five products

Mani Jack said...

HI. I am very concerned with wife's acne problem. We tried many things to cure the stubborn acne but we still fail to find the best solution. I don't see sephora outlet in kuching. Do you know of any store that sells this wonderful product? Can i get it from Watson's or Guardian? Please let me know. Thank you. You can also can inform me at