Friday, January 13, 2012

New Fragrance - Trésor Midnight Rose by Lancome

When I saw Emma Watson as the face of Trésor Midnight Rose by Lancome, I had mixed feelings. I mean I love Trésor. I think it is one of Lancome's best treasures. It's been there for the longest time and I love the deep sensuous scent.

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The name, Midnight Rose somehow gave me the impression that it is a sweeter more seductive scent but the face of it doesn't quite fit the impression. All these while, with classic beauties like Penelope Cruz, Isabella Rossellini and Kate Winslet gave Trésor a distinctive hold to the mature and more confident women. And that was how I always looked at the fragrance and what it provides me - the confidence and dash of classic sexiness.

So when this bottle landed on me, I am not sure if it will suit me. The fact that Emma Watson was chosen was probably for a reason - that the fragrance is probably tailored to the much younger market who is nevertheless confident but very fresh. I'd like something bold, something more mature and one that evoke a sense of happiness, calmness and strength.

A whiff of it kinda surprised me, though... because it still retain that boldness of Trésor yet it feels fresh but not light enough to dissipate too quickly. It lingers on to a sweet romantic scent that made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Unlike many fragrances with a bold note, the scent does not sting and my children felt completely calm and comfortable when they're near me. In fact, the Trésor Midnight Rose is good enough to be worn on any occasions - not necessarily a sexy night out with your date or on a social event.

This has quickly become a favourite for me. I have one particular fragrance which I'd use very often because of the unique and fresh scent and the Trésor Midnight Rose seems to have that same element and more. The sweet romantic feeling it brings gives me such a lovely experience and since its bottle is much easier to grab (compared to my supposedly all time favourite bottle) I would always want to reach out to it amongst those other bottles of fragrances on my vanity desk.

These are what make the scent so desirable but I really couldn't tell because everything sorta blended well together. I am sure, though, that the winning formula must be the jasmine and vanilla contents.

I think Lancome is currently doing a promotion on Trésor Midnight Rose. You can check out Lancome Malaysia's facebook page to find out more about the fragrance and you can redeem a free sample when you register with them.

This EDP retails at RM205 for its 50ml bottle and RM265 for the 75ml.

Have you ever tried Lancome's Trésor? Do you like it? I still think that Emma Watson is not really suitable as the face of Trésor Midnight Rose but I guess in this case, it is really irrelevant because the fragrance speaks for itself.



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The fragrance sounds amazing. The bottle is nice too; I love color. :)
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