Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Calvin Klein lip colours

I think today is the last day of the promotion in StrawberryNet where purchases of a certain amount will get you a complimentary lip colour from Calvin Klein.

I have never heard of Calvin Klein makeup and even if I did, I don't think I'd trust that brand for my makeup needs. I mean, if you've been following my posts from back then, you'd know that I have very sensitive lips and can only use lipsticks of only two brands - Bobbi Brown and Dior. I've tried many others - cheap or expensive, but they all seem to make my lips itch at the end of the day, which can leave my lips swollen at times.

But, I must say that a free lippie from the online site not too long ago totally surprised me when not only did I discover that the brand produces such a creamy lippie, the colour is absolutely gorgeous as well. And, my lips did not get any bad reaction from continuous use. Good, right?

Hence, recently when a promotion was up again on StrawberryNet and the price was so low (they're like less than RM50 a piece!), I took the opportunity to get some of Calvin Klein's lip colours.

Lipsticks (L-R): Trust & Perfect Stranger. Lipgloss: Moonbeam

On my lips is Perfect Stranger + Moonbeam

Would you try cosmetics from brands unfamiliar to you?


Anonymous said...

The lippies look so good on you! And Moonbeam is one of their most popular lipglosses in it's heyday. CK actually launched their makeup line maybe 10 years ago (can't remember exact time) but it didn't quite take off, so that's probably why you didn't know about it.

Connie De Alwis said...

the colors look awesome! Quite unique together. I've bought the CK cream to powder foundation but got a color that's too dark for my skintone so I gave to my friend :(

I'd tried unknown brands but I'd look up reviews first

toughcookie said...

hiya lyn,
thanks for the compliment :)

10 years ago? ish... me so bad with beauty history like this ;P

toughcookie said...

dear Connie,
i wanted to try the foundation but don't dare to order not knowing what my shade is...

oh don't get me started on the reviews... they can make me crazy. one person says it is good, while another person says it is a total crap haha... thank god for the free stick... at least i got to try it out myself.