Monday, May 16, 2011

DECLEOR Harmonie Range - A pleasant find.

I've wanted to update on this a while ago but haven't had the opportunity. Well, as they say, better late than never, right?

See, in my quest to explore good facialists, I came across the Decleor outlet in Mid Valley Megamall and decided to give them a try. After all, they had quite a favourable first-time discount (as much as RM100 off) and if they're not very good, I know I don't lose much.

Anyways, to cut the story short, the facial was good, the young therapist I had was pretty thorough and she actually recommended me to use their Harmonie range, a range suitable for sensitive skin and gave me a tester pack for me to try back home.

At first, I felt weird because I've gotten diagnosis like dehydrated congested skin, or acne-prone sensitive dehydrated skin but never just sensitive skin. Period. And at all those facial salons I've went before, they would always give me a combo range of oily-hydrating-whitening products to combat my congested-dehydrated-dull surface skin type.

Well, as I felt a little 'gatal' as well, since I love the aromatic smell of the tester pack I got, I decided to give them a try. For a week. And I must say that the products work so well on my skin and made my skin look so smooth! I was so impressed by them that I decided to check them out on StrawberryNet.

so, here they are, when they arrived at my office...

i got the entire morning set (with full size essential oil but smaller-sized cream) and a full size night balm (which i must say, is divine!!). oh, and i also added an eye-makeup remover with my order.

when it came in, i received a free CK lippie, which surprisingly is sooo moisturising and the colour was awesome!

i chose the colour, 'cognac'. it was perfect.

The best part about ordering them online, was the fact that the night balm was actually a bit more than RM100 cheaper! It's probably RM320 at the salon but with the 3 items ordered plus my loyalty to StrawberryNet, I got them at a good discount where the night balm came only to RM211. Serious, no joke. But then again, the products and promo in the website change constantly, so you gotta observe and monitor.

I totally love the texture and smell of the products because they are so concentrated that you only need very little each time you use them. Heck, even the tester they gave me, where the night balm was only 2.5ml, it lasted a good 15 days of daily use! Imagine ordering a 30ml tub. The only thing about the balm is that it is best to be used only when you're about to go to bed. Because it is a balm, the texture is like a thick oily paste that will make your face shine.

What I like about the products, even though they contain essential oils, they do not clog my pores. I know another retail luxury French brand that uses essential oil that clogs my pores. So, this one's a winner with me :)

Have you tried any Decleor products? I've used their body products a long long time ago but I still prefer Clarins body products.

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4 comments: said...

great to read some good reviews on the brand :D been seeing them on but never bought it. and and the facial saloon ALWAYS smells aromatically good whenever i pass by

toughcookie said...

i only tried this range... not sure if the rest of them are as good. you can always drop by for a facial and ask them for tester packs. so far, they have been quite ok in giving out samples for you to use at home :)

Qihua said...

i tried their eye cream.. 30ml for ard RM130 (also bought in!). awesome product but i don't really have much problems on my eye area.. such a huge tube can prolly last me the whole year..

Jacq H said...

wow. i'm tempted to order from strawberrynet now... how good is the night balm? I have dry skin, do you think that would work for me?
i recently got a few decleor samples too, check out my blogpost if you fancy!