Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kiehl's BABY

About a month ago, my 2-year old Jada developed some skin reaction. We weren't sure what caused it because for one, we have not changed her diet and secondly, we didn't change the washing detergent that we've always used for her clothes. But her body remained reddish, spotty and she would stand against the door or the edge of our sofa so that she could scratch her back, just like how a bear would scratch their back against a tree - cute, right? However, as a mom, I just couldn't stand to see her that way.

From my numerous visits to Kiehl's before, I would always make sure to bring home samples of their baby products. When we tried on the body shampoo and lotion sample, we were surprised to find how silky smooth her skin looked and felt. Therefore, I have always told myself that if I get a little 'gatal' one day to splurge on body products for her, I would definitely go for those Kiehl's baby products. And the timing couldn't have been so apt.

But, you know how it is... just when you have this urge to splurge, the products weren't available. The body lotion is out at the BSC and Isetan KLCC outlets. Apparently, it has been sold out everywhere for about a month.

Lucky me, at a rare visit to 1 Utama after a birthday celebration with my eldest and treasured friends, I passed by the Kiehl's outlet and thought I should just ask if they do have the products. Walah... they still have some stocks left :D

I kid you not... these liquid work like a gem, especially if you have babies with extremely delicate skin.

And the best part was, I got a 15% discount for the items as they had a one-day-only Mothers' Day promotion only at the 1 Utama outlet that weekend. How cool is that?

FYI, they also have other gift sets for babies but I didn't think I should spend 70bucks on the diaper cream because the RM20++ Bepanthen works wonders already. So, these would do for now.

Have you tried any of the Kiehl's Baby products before or bought for friends? Do you like it?

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Peter & Joyce said...

Gosh, I didn't know Kiehl's had baby products. Maybe I didn't look hard enough. My kids use Sebamed and they work fine, but I love Kiehl's on myself, so if I am feeling "gatal" like you, I might splurge too! :)