Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vicks Baby Balsam

Some time in July last year, I wrote a post on my personal blog regarding my desperation to find Vicks for babies that were clearly not available here in Malaysia. In fact, through my research in the net I found a forum where a person initiated ordering a huge pack of Vicks for babies and asked if anyone wants to share the delivery cost with her for that order, which at that time, was already closed :(

For mommies or parents out there who are wondering why all the fuss, well, do google up why our normal Vicks Vaporub can be harmful when used on babies below the age of 2 - it can cause severe respiratory problems. I know I know... we are all just ok as our parents probably rubbed the old vicks on us when we had flu but those days, we didn't have the advantage of such advanced information and that health problems were less varied compared to nowadays.

Many people told me about 21st century rub in raspberry or strawberry scent which supposedly worked just as well as Vicks. I saw it in Guardian Pharmacy back then and bought a tub only to be hugely disappointed as the minty smell was too too faint and Jada developed a bad rash from the balm. It didn't work to clear her breathing and it gave her red itchy patches on her chest. Guess it must be due to some reaction from any of its contents.

That said, I was terribly happy when I saw that Vicks Baby is already available quite freely here... you can find it in Guardian Pharmacy, and you can even see it on the shelves of hypermarkets like Giant.

Moi being kiasu, I quickly grabbed the 50g tub although I had no use for it at that time. But I am always the type of person to be prepared, just in case...

The texture is similar to that of the original Vicks Vaporub but it smells even better. We know that Lavender and Rosemary provides a relaxing feel in aromatherapy whilst the blend of eucalyptus extract provides that minty scent we're so used to with Vicks, albeit it being milder than usual. I love its smell and I'm glad to finally have that peace of mind, with this valuable item in stock :)

I bought it some time last month and it costs about RM12.90 then.


Shiela Mustaffa said...

Hi. You can also use Tropika Baby Herbal Cream. It's all natural - no petrolatum. Based on virgin coconut oil, this cream has 2-in-1 functions - as minyak telon, & as baby vicks. For more info can visit FB page - Tropika VCO & Medela Swing Maxi, or www.tropikababies.blogspot.sg

Hope this helps :)

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