Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Diorsnow White Reveal Renewing Mask

I think I've converted into a Dior junkie... a real Dior junkie. Wait, lemme rephrase that... a Dior beauty junkie.

Since I've always had very oily-dehydrated-acne prone skin, I've always shied away from beauty brands that seem to target those of the more mature market. However, throughout the years, I have been some mini fan of Dior... I loved their j'adore and Dior Addict fragrances, and I have used their Diorskin compact foundation, which I thought suited me really well in terms of texture, airiness and colour.

Recently though, I've noticed some startling changes in my skin. Yes, it is its usual oily slick and dehydrated but I've also realised that my skin was getting rather dull with plenty of dark spots here and there, from acne marks. This got me to thinking about my positive experience with one other European brand and their whitening skincare years ago, and I think I should start using whitening products again, or rather, brightening skincare, as most luxury skincare now brands this range.

I know a lot of people do not believe in the whitening effect of this range of skincare. However, I must vouch that I have seen a nice change it made my skin then, and I've even seen how more translucent and even the skin tone of my ex-bosses who were using whitening skincare from 2 different luxury brands.

Hence recently, after being happy with many of Dior's products like their Rouge de Serum, their One Essential, and their Hydra Life products, I've decided to try out their brightening range, called, the Diorsnow range. It was one of those purchases where I wanted everything necessary in their range and I made sure that I got as many freebies as I could for the amount that I was spending. Sadly though, unlike Kiehl's or Clinique or Estee Lauder, Dior is a little stingy in their giveaways... but I guess you should be very nice to their SA because loyalty does pay :)

Since I've just started on the new skincare regime, I may not be able to really tell you how different my skin looks now after about 10 days of usage although I can say that there has been some positive changes... nothing very dramatic but promising enough.

And I would like to share with you the instant benefit of using their White Reveal Renewing Mask.

I think this is a pretty new product from this range because as far as I know, they only had the Whitening Essence Sheet Mask that I managed to try out once in their free mini facial.

Through the research that I did before purchasing this WRRM, it is clay based. Hence, it is most suitable for those with oily skin. But, as with any brightening product, I suspect that the clay-tightening effect may not be that strong.

Upon squeezing it out from the tube, it comes out white and creamy. It has a very subtle scent which is soothing and sweet to me, and instantly, I could feel a cooling effect making my tired skin feels recharged. The cool feeling made me want it to keep working on my face after 10 minutes which is when I'm supposed to wash it away. Afraid that I'm doing more harm than good to my skin by disobeying the recommended usage, I slowly massaged the mask for a while into the skin before washing it off.

Immediately, I could see my pores tightened but nothing of that uncomfortable tight feeling... best of all, I could see an improvement in my skin texture - it looked refined, soft and smooth. It wasn't acne week for me last week and so, the skin feels really clean.

The cooling sensation could be felt way until I go on to the next step of using the wipe-off gel, toner, essence and moisturiser.

i love the more refined skin texture sans open pores.

After 10 days, I think my skin looks less patchy but that would all be tested once I could really go out of the house without make-up. When I do that, I will say that the Diorsnow range really works. I hope that is not too ambitious, no?? ;)

The Diorsnow White Reveal Renewing Mask is retailed at RM186 for 75 grams.

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Philip said...

Wow! What a line!
I'm very interested in the DiorSnow White reveal renewing mask... do you still have the box with the ingredients printed? I like doing my research before purchasing anything lol!