Friday, April 30, 2010

Shopping for a good lipstick.

I just received this in my inbox and I can't help sharing this update here.

I must say that I've been a huge fan of Bobbi Brown since I started working in 1999. I became an even bigger fan of their lipsticks when I couldn't wear any other lipsticks ever since I was pregnant with my first born... I was told that hormonal changes would play tricks on a pregnant woman's body, especially to her skin but when it comes to my lips, I discovered that the changes were permanent. Those brands that I could wear before - drugstore cheap ones like Maybelline and L'oreal to luxury brands like Chanel, MAC, Dior, Estee Lauder, (even no-perfume Clinique lippies) whatever else, made my lips itch, swell and sometimes black (I kid you not).

Recently though, I managed to get reacquainted with a luxury brand after their new star product was launched. But it cost a tad RM109 for a stick and now that I've used it up, I am not sure if I'd want to spend that much on a gorgeous packaging that I would be discarding.

Oh, I was digressing. Back to the point - those days while I scout around for suitable lippies (which entailed plenty of wasted dough and throwing away lippies that were used only once or twice), I was happy to discover that Bobbi Brown's lipsticks were perfect for me... well, only the lipsticks and not their shimmery lip glosses, though. It was quite a relief too since the price wasn't too steep as they kept their packaging simple and modest.

Today, I am extremely excited to receive this info through email because one of my lipsticks is finished and I need a new one in a rosy/nudy shade.

i've always loved their natural shades, although i wish they also have something in dark brown or an intense crimson-dark choco shade

moisturising lippies seem to be the current trend in today's lip products...

There is also a special Mother's Day promotion running. So if you are a fan of Bobbi Brown or would like to discover them, do visit their local website.

Speaking of Mother's Day, I have to start working on an update which I've drafted in my head weeks ago. Anyways, have a good weekend and Happy Labour's Day :) although there will be no off day for me ;P


CikLilyPutih said...

lipsticks? i really like BB coz colournya more to neutral colour.

toughcookie said...

cik lily,
kan?? i rasa apa kaler pakai pun sure cantik je.

isabelle said... lips are pretty dark. menci tau! musti kena cari yg berkaler skit. kalo x, nmpk pucat/lebam!

Mommyyus said...

cantiklah kaler dia..i suke. nak gi carilah weekend ni.

toughcookie said...

yeke? nampak lips you cantik je manjang hehe... ala, tapi kalau kita memang dah selalu sangat mekap, sure lips akan turn dark sikit kan. orang kata, selalu2lah cium suami. gerenti lips kita merah-pink lawa je hehe. konon la... :D

dear mommyyus,
oh, i pun nak tengok2 tomorrow. tapi 80 hengget la pulak... entah2 i ambik yang biasa punya je hehe...

sitisabri said...

Waaa.. apasal promoter td tak ckp pasal lipstick ni? hehe maybe sbb i cari foundation and powder kut ek ;) Btw, the nude and pink shades are pretty!

toughcookie said...

ya, their promoters tak hard sell selalunya kan? cos their customers usually already know what to get. takpe you can check them out again another time. as for me, i may be checking them out tomorrow but not sure yet. tak sabar nak tengok any nice colours for me.

Konot said...

i pun is the very the suka BB lipstick!! setelah sekian lama problem dgn chappy lips.. bila pakai BB mcm elok je... everytime i lalu BB kat pavi menahan je nafsu nak singgah okeh!! huhuh