Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nuffnang Friso Family Day Out: Good Family Fun To Start 2010

This update is very much overdue as I've been bogged down with so many urgent jobs *excuses, excuses*

Anyway, as a follow-up to this entry that I did, I managed to get an invitation to the Nuffnang FRISO family day out in Kizsports 1 Utama last Saturday. At first, we were a little worried since little jj fell ill earlier that week and was vomitting away by Wednesday. Thank God, she recovered on time, though not fully, as she just got back some of her appetite, while her body tires easily.

early morning just before registration... little jj was still not in the best mood ;)

Her usual Saturday morning class at Kizsports were cancelled due to this event and their receptionists were surprised when they saw us with little jj hehe...

the t-shirt given was too big but daddy made it fashionable for little jj.
abang supposedly got one too but it was too small for him :D

just a fraction of the crowd of families, while Friso's representative spoke.

how do we get little jj to sit and forget the swings?? right... mommy's boobies session!!

There were so many fun-filled activities and Kizsports also promoted their classes for babies by giving a sneak 20-minute preview to all parents with toddlers. Little jj made herself at home from the start by targeting the swing first, then the ball-pool and after that, her favourite section in the playland, just like she would each Saturday.

customary swinging in style, while abang pushes the swing...

daddies and mommies letting their babies have a go at the babies' section while their other half clicks away at the shutter...

part of the sneak preview, but in a much larger crowd...

there was even a magic show!

look at the large turn out...

was able to get a shot of us both, using the auto timer :D

All these while I eagerly await the announcement of the winning entry. Though I wasn't the least bit hopeful in the beginning, I did get a little excited when I was informed that I had been shortlisted for the final selection of entries during registration early in the morning. Of course, I already could guess that Kak Ros of MomBloggersPlanet would definitely win since her entry was seriously creative and original... and am so proud to be associated with her site.

for that entry, we won a RM100 Toys 'R' Us cash voucher.
Thank you, Nuffnang, thank you, Friso!

The Grand Prize Winner.

Since it was my first real bloggers' meet, I wasn't sure how to carry myself and a little shy when I heard the mention of so many of them recognisable bloggers... but I did get to know Amira and Zuhaini, met Kak Ros for the first time, while I said hi to several other people whom I can't truly remember their URLs. Even saw Red Mummy in person for the first time and I was so impressed by the aura that she exude that day - a true 'Celebrity-blogger' persona. I must add how happy I was for that opportunity to shake hands with her ;)

The event was pretty organised; Marcus, the emcee, did a great job in getting everyone's attention; the crowd was AMAZING; and everything in the programme line-up was truly interesting for everyone. Too bad little jj slept half way through the event but it was good that she totally enjoyed herself to the max.

a special makan section for the kids. yes, it was that organised!

Marcus, doing a good job getting all our attention :)

little jj getting all excited.

getting a go at the obstacle course in the baby gym.

flat tired and surrenderred to the worrrlddd...

the one told me that for just a simple blog entry and we had all that fun and this to bring home, blogging can be one advantageous hobby.

So... I'm hoping to blog more frequent now that the entire madness of rushing for the usual annual report/fund report deadlines from my regular clients is pretty much over... and hopefully be able to make it to many more family gatherings like this.


.Dd LaLa. said...

i saw u there but i was so malu to tegur you. i've been seeing your face and reading your blog from we were bujang until we both have anak. tapi itu lah... i'm so shy and feel awkward sampai tak tahu macam mana nak mingle around. next time okey...

KambingBujang said...

cute la jada.. kiss her from auntie huda

emly2175 said...

TLM is taller than wonder people can easily mistaken u as her GF..ahahhaha.. I think Lil J looks so much like her father rather than u dear.. And congrats on your winning entry... :)

my girl can never keep her hands still whenever i feed her under the nursing shawl..Lil J?

Konot said...

where did u get the bfeeding punya cover? i wanttttt!!!

Em's Family said...

Again, congrats on your winning entry :)

anyhow, too funny to see my husband dalam one of your picture above hehehe :)

Nia said...

u pun 1st time gath dgn bloggers ye? i pun..'blur2' aje masa tu..huhu..

sunshine jewelry said...

Hi Juan
This is yukanthi (dulu 5 Jupiter - FB under Suji Ryan).
I saw your husband and lil JJ's picture in yesterday's Star (Metro section). You have a cute family :). Also love reading ur blog.

AdD said...


Do you have facebook a/c?
I nak add you ni... email i ada problem... nnt kita miscommunications nnt susah... My access to FB better than Yahoo mail... boleh lah yer... search my name or give ur name at FB and i'll search you... My name
AdD Buchat

toughcookie said...

hi DdLaLa,
alahhh kenapa malu pulak... it would be so good if i had finally got to know who [the previous JellyD] DdLaLa is... i remembered giving you my number to call when you were feeling down dulu kan? well, see you next time, then ya :)

dear huda,
hehe... jada kata mekacih *kish*

hi emly,
LOL! actually, they think he's my brother hehe... and yes, everyone says jada looks like daddy uhuk uhuk uhuk... tapi takpe... at least orang tua2 kata sejuk kan.

thanks for the wish, babe. ha-ah... jada pun doesn't keep still. tengok je la tangan dia tu. once, kat chilli's, kaki dia siap naik atas dining table ;P

toughcookie said...

konot dear,
i tak ingat exactly the brand tapi tak silap i, 'the first years'. i bought kat parkson 1U but i rasa kat isetan KLCC pun ada. think they only have 2 patterns, at about more or less RM50. cantek kan? sanggup pay RM10 extra for patterns... yang solid colour punya boring hehe...

hi amira,
he is? which picture eh? tak perasan pulak :D thanks, dear...

hi nia,
tu la kan... malu ya amat rasa padahal patutnya ringan je mulut. well, at least we get to see each other again on Sunday :)

toughcookie said...

hey there Suji...
i didn't know you have an e-biz blog! ala... kenapa tak bagitau earlier or i would have bought a copy of yesterday's star paper *damn* hehe... cantik tak the photo?

thanks for the compliments dear... you tak blogging ke babe?

dear AdD,
dari petang tadi i dah add you dalam FB tapi you tak accept friend request pun... nanti accept, k...

dillazag said...

Wah seronoknya, babe!
I oso want to win lah. hihihihihi
but so malas to write entry.

Must be more rajin. Must be more rajin.

Congrats on the winning entry. Next time boleh win big pulak! :)

Zuhaini said...

wah.. good luck ya! :) saya dah x larat nak buat entry.. hihi :)

saya ingt nak resend je yang hari tu punya.. hihihi...