Monday, November 30, 2009

Kizsports @1 Utama

On Raya Haji last Friday, Mr Hubby and I decided to check another children's early development centre to see if any of them is agreeable to Jada. Since it was a public holiday and they basically did not have any programmes on a Friday, they gave us some options for a Saturday or Sunday class.

We decided on the Saturday's class since it is held early at 10am where we know Jada would be fresh and eliminate that risk of crankiness. The trial class is free and I said to Mr Hubby that they're either so confident of their classes for them to offer a free trial or that they're genuine in letting parents try it out since not all children can agree to the classes. Either way, we both benefit from this since the free trial class is only fair rather than us having to pay RM48 for a class that did not benefit Jada one bit.

We were greeted by Fariza and the classroom was smaller than expected. But Jada warmed up the minute we entered the room as Fariza knew what to do to make the children calm. There was another girl who was there for the first time who also didn't quite like the experience in another children's early development centre they previously went to.

books strewn on the floor was a perfect way to calm any tensed
nerves (if any) in Jada since she loves books...

checking out what another girl was reading hehe...

Fariza was quick in identifying a lot of things in the children that came in that day. Even before I realised that Jada might be sleepy, she already pointed that out to me. She could even guess that Jada is still breastfed from some 'characters' that Jada was displaying.

I liked that Fariza took her time, talked to the new kids, and properly explained what we were supposed to do and why those exercises were introduced. Sure, Jada had her cranky moments but only because she wasn't familiar with the new atmosphere but those moments were manageable as she was happy to explore all the play sections. The time she cried was when Fariza touched her or when we kinda 'forced' her to try other activities in the room.

But unlike the previous experience in another centre, she found her favourite spot and I must say that that was a good development. Who knows, in next week's class, she might get herself familiar with other stuff in there and gradually get used to the routine.

she must have felt this bouncy movement as I was always on
a gym ball while being pregnant with her. Somehow she had
found her favourite spot here! ;)

I also liked that Fariza spoke to us parents on our concerns and kept telling us all to not force our babies to move on to other activities if they do not want to. And with that, Jada was allowed to take her time to understand an activity, process the information in her tiny brain cells and act upon the processed information. Therefore, she was able to enjoy the experience.

she found the guts to explore other territories after she became
bored with the gym ball...

One activity that was so similar to the previous children's early development centre that we visited, was the bubbles session. Previously, she was not given the time to understand what she was supposed to do and was expected to be forced by parents to push her into doing what she was required to do. But here in Kizsports, the facilitators kept blowing bubbles to her where at first, she'd only expect the bubbles to come to her, then graduated to going after the bubbles and realising how much fun it was being in a play session.

Jada was so excited to have all those bubbles blown towards her

she finally learnt to go after the bubbles instead of waiting for
them to come towards her.

This positive vibe continued further after that when Jada gleefully walked over to the nearby 'playground' and explored everything, not even a care in the world that she hadn't yet had breakfast. With that, we were able to reinforce what was learnt in class earlier rather than having to wait another week.

Jada was put in the Little Walkers class and classes are set for an hour. However, the first 10 minutes is spent getting the children to warm up before actual activities were performed.

We signed her up instantly after she has had enough... and happy that she spent an additional hour playing at their playground. It was also good to know that for the next one year, her entrance into their playland is FOC, anytime.

running away from daddy!

I'm so glad that this part is finally sorted.

If you need to know their fees structure, all their play sessions in different levels of age-groups require a RM40 Annual Administration fee, a one month deposit of RM160 and a RM160 monthly fee. However, when we registered Jada, we were given the option to pay a package of RM360 for 3 months (RM120 per month). Kizsports has many other interesting classes like pre-school, taekwondo, ballet and much more. Your child will enjoy free unlimited entrance to their playland when you sign up for the play and pre-school classes, and other siblings can enjoy member rate for the entrance into their playland.

P/S: I was so elated that she enjoyed herself there and totally forgot that I was supposed to check out Muzikgarten before making a decision. *sigh*

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