Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Curious Kids Need To Be Tough Inside

supposedly written by Jada Kyra

Mommy has been busy with work. So, before the deadline's up, let me write this entry on how mommy help increase my immune system so that I can continue to be curious with the entire world... after all, I am only 17 months old and I still have a lot to discover! :)

Curious kids can be a handful... and who would know this better than I do - I am curious all the time! I would peek into abang's lunch plate as I would always see Mickey Mouse in it; I would want to touch the vacuum cleaner when daddy is handling it because I am always intrigued by the loud sound it makes; I would want to taste everything adults eat because my food always tastes quite the same; I would check in mommy constantly in the kitchen because I find it hard to understand what she does in there; I like to shake any water bottles because it is amazing seeing and hearing water being shaken; I would want to touch everything mommy or daddy touches because I want to feel the difference in the texture; and the list goes on and on... Sometimes, I pity my mom because I would catch her by surprise with my speedy actions but I am just a curious baby... and curious babies need to be tough inside.

Being curious is a good thing because that is how I learn about things... I learn how painful it is if I do not get up slowly from under the table because I can accidentally knock my head; I know better not to touch those shiny pots on the stove because they feel hot to the touch and I can get hurt if I touch them; I know that if I do not get out of the elevator quickly, the doors will close and I'll be trapped; I know that if I press that switch outside our door, the bell will ring; and I know that the vacuum cleaner is dirty because mommy would always clean my hands after I touched it.

But how does mommy and my family really help boost my immune system?

First and foremost, what can really toughen me up is the fact that mommy really feeds me well. She works hard to prepare nutritious home-cooked meals for me and I liked that this enables her to pick only the freshest ingredients, and prepare it in the cleanest environment possible - all in the comfort of her favourite kitchen. The lack of preservatives and only natural ingredients, coupled with yummy nutritious milk, help strengthen my antibodies in fighting viruses that would usually infect cute babies like me.

What a lot of people do not consider which I deem highly important apart from nutrition, is LOVE. I am fortunate to be loved by everyone around me. Mommy loves me dearly, daddy would do anything for me and abang has waited so long for my arrival. I am raised in a happy family and this feeling makes me feel good about myself. When I feel good, my immune system gets stronger. When there is so much love, the environment makes everything so positive and I can face the world, while I continue being curious as I know my family will try to make my experience pleasant and away from harm.

Next, adults are aware that exercise keep sickness at bay. For me, I need my play sessions. I love to play. Playing makes me happy, playing makes me discover new things and by playing, I get to hear myself talk and laugh, while making everyone else happy when they see how adorable I look from me talking gibberish language. The play sessions can hinder me from going after things that can harm me as I get to focus on beautiful colours and toys suitable for babies my age. Within this controlled environment, not only will I be able to learn new things quickly, my antibodies are also strengthened as I feel happy from the sense of achievements I get in the play sessions.

Next, is another point that is pretty broad and quite important for a growing baby like me. I need to be happy at all times. When I am happy, I make everyone else happy!

Mommy always ensure that I am happy in her care. The things that she does and the environment I am in, I must be one of the happiest babies on earth (even though I can be a pain sometimes hehe). Well, they did call me a pwincesh. Therefore, I am entitled to making things a little difficult for mommy and daddy so that I could see how much they love me. Happiness is such a powerful feeling because it makes everything feels good while my inner being becomes stronger.

Then, there is that proper rest. Being a curious baby is tiring work! I would want to walk here and there, climb up and down and learn up new tricks. I always need proper sleep so that my body is able to rest so that my mind is fresh to get curiosity working well again :) Mommy and daddy always ensured that I take my afternoon naps and during night time, my bed and room is made up so cozily to help me sleep longer and better. I also like that I have friends to keep me company while I sleep so that I feel safe and secure. When I wake up fresh, I feel good, my body feels good and my antibodies remain tough.

Once I am up and fresh, it is good to let me continue to explore. From there, I would learn from the adults what I can and cannot do. I will learn to refrain from touching dangerous stuff when I hear the word, "No", and have fun exploring other harmless experiences. I gain self-confidence, I am not afraid to face the outside world and I do not get awkward when introduced to new things. Exploring my curiosities can help expand my vision and keep me happy. And you all know that when I am happy, my body responds better to fighting illnesses. This is also why I am helping mommy to do up this blog entry... I know that the Nuffnang Friso Family day out at Kizsports 1Utama will allow me to explore more new things. So far, mommy has done a great job in nurturing positive traits in me but getting an invite to this event can help her learn more new tricks to keep me happy. And you all know my capabilities when I am happy :D

Just because I am a baby, that doesn't mean I don't need any mental stimulation. Mommy and daddy read to me, and teach me to read as well. Right now, I may only be interested to see those colourful pictures and illustrations in the children's books but I know I will read soon. Mommy and daddy would also place me in the shopping cartwheel while they continue to add items in the cart. From there, I get to see the items mommy use at home and familiarise myself with them. Who knows... I may even be calculating in my head the number of items! Mommy also let me play with the rubic's cube. Who knows... I can probably solve it in due time haha... All these keep me occupied while my curious apetite is further fulfilled. When I become smarter, my antibodies get smarter too. And I become a tougher baby when I am smarter.

Mommy also ensure I get my healthy dose on social interaction abilities. My curious mind need to include other babies as well, so that my learning experience become more complete. From here, I will learn basic communications skills and practise good habits so that friends will not run away from me. I also need friends who can help me to fight illnesses together, no? Can we combine antibodies? Oh, mommy said, "No". Well, I do not really know how antibodies really work but I do know that when I am with friends, I become active, I learn things better due to the encouragement I get from them, and this keeps me happy. And you all know how much stronger I get to be when I am happy :)

And while I satisfy my thirst to learn and try out new things, mommy never forget to teach me discipline. It is never too early to teach a baby like me, discipline... that includes putting me in my high chair during meals, strapping me in my very own car seat before we go anywhere and if I am extra naughty, I would walk over to the corner to reflect on what I did that made mommy upset. The discipline can help build character and prevent unnecessary incidents. I will know when I can explore my curiosities and when I should sit still while I enjoy the view from my eyes. Therefore, my body gets stronger and my immune system is ready to withstand illnesses.

Other than those listed above, there are so much more that can be done but as a baby, these are the only things that I can remember for now. If you extend an invitation to my family, to the Nuffnang Friso Family day out, I can even reveal other details on how mommy helps me increase my immunity. For now, I would like to satisfy my curiosity in a book abang is supposed to read to me. Bye bye!


Em's Family said...

Hi, Ibu Emir here. congratulations on your entry :)keep in touch

toughcookie said...

hi amira! i left a comment on your blog as well and tak sangka pulak you ingat my blog address :)

thanks, dear. enjoy the rest of the long weekend (that's ending real soon!)

KambingBujang said...

hai juan

i congrate on your entry. i saw u at the family day tapi segan nak tegur, actually we work at the same company. i TLGH, dat y bler nmpk u, cam familiar jer..

toughcookie said...

hi huda,
thanks... and congrats to you too, on your entry. once again, nak mintak maaf sesangat sebab tak perasan. padahal dah ambik gambar sama2 pulak tu kan?? ish... lain kali tegur tau ;)

sitisabri said...

What a good entry. I saw a few on other blogs but yours is very detailed and full of useful information. I love the first point. Home cooked meals is simply the best. I cooked for my lil girl a lot too ;)

Anyway, happy new year to you and family!