Saturday, November 21, 2009

Seesmic - Twitter client for Android..

I have never tried Seesmic before. I know they have a twitter client for the pc and web and i've read that there are people who prefer the Seesmic Web than the default Twitter web access. I haven't got the chance to try that out. But seriously, with the abundance of native twitter client being churned out for the PC, Mac, Linux and what have you, i find myself using less and less.

Anyways, Seesmic just recently announced the Android version of their twitter client. As soon as i saw it being tweeted i just had to give it a go. Currently i'm using the default twitter client that came with my phone. HTC Peep. It gets the job done. I also fiddled around with Twidroid, Twitterride and a bunch of other clients just to get a feel of what options that you have out there.

timeline screen



I must say that i'm liking the clean interface of the application. The app is presented into 4 main tabs. You have quick access to your timeline, replies, messages and profile. Clicking Menu will give you access to the compose option and also to the settings tab. The app gives you the standard twitter related options. Photo service is provided via yFrog, Twitpic and MobyPicture and video is provided via yFrog, Twitvid and YouTube. You also get your usual url shortening via, and Tinyurl.

click menu to access settings

Standard options..

normal services..

You can also set the notification options as with other twitter apps, you can set the refresh intervals and other bits and bobs.

Now so far the user experience has been pleasant. Seesmic for Android is a full featured twitter client with a lot of promise. There's still some areas for improvements. It still doesn't have direct access to the List function which was introduced. So far i believe only Twidroid have implemented that option in their client. And i think u can't do a search for tweets. Which is a bit off. But then again its only version 1.0 so you can only get better.

Seesmic for Android is available FREE from the Android Market.

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