Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gymboree @Bangsar Village

An update from the previous review I did on Gymboree @ Tropicana City Mall...

An ex-colleague told me that I should have brought Jada to the outlet in Bangsar Village because the facilitator there is much warmer to kids and they make the activities really fun. I wasn't sure how much different it can be but today, I had the opportunity to see it for myself as my best buddy, Nicole, decided to send her daughter there while we have our occasional Sunday date.

What I saw in the 10am play class for Level 7 children, was that the class was pretty crowded but the kids looked like they were really having fun. But I must agree to the statement made by my ex-colleague that the facilitator was really good with children. She was so into teaching the kids, wanting the kids to have fun and learn, and I could feel the atmosphere being so lively. She did have personal interactions with the children even when there were probably around 15 noisy children running everywhere.

everyone taking turns to crawl into the colourful 'tunnel'.
it looked quite chaotic but with so many kids, chaotic would
mean something positive, don't you think?

Nicole said she had enrolled her lovely Isabelle for the entire play and music package. I even saw an old classmate with her son.

So, I guess if you really want to check out Gymboree and believe that this is where your children should go to for their play and learn sessions, I would suggest that you make your way to the one in Bangsar Village, Level 1. I cannot promise you anything but at least you'd feel better to know that the teacher tries her very best to make the session fun and exciting.

But, I would still like to add that Nicole shared with me some tinge of disappointment that there weren't any interactions among the children or parents. I guess parents would always hope that play sessions like these would teach the kids to socialise. But with protective and cautious parents nowadays, there is no way of seeing kids making friends if there are no encouragement from parents. So with that, I still think that the environment is not really suitable for my Jada. Still, what may not work perfectly for our toddler doesn't necessarily mean that it is not good for yours. No two children are exactly alike.

If you'd like to know an overview of how much you'd need to invest in your children's early development in Gymboree, below is the fee indication (the fee schedule is correct at time of publication):

Annual Family MembershipRM150 per family
Play/Music Program Fees

Level 1-6 (45 minutes)

Level 7 (1 hour)

Trial Class

As & When Package (Level 1-6)

Multiple Program A**

Multiple Program B**

Playgym (0 - 60 months)

Playgym Package
(10 playgym vouchers)

RM420 /12 weeks
RM328 /8 weeks
RM287 /6 weeks

RM450 /12 weeks

RM48 /per sesion

RM495 /12 sessions (6 months)

RM1,780 /48 weeks (one child only)

RM1,980 /48 weeks
(for 2 kids or 36 months above)

RM12 member/per hour
RM18 non-member/per hour

RM100 (member)
RM160 (non-member)

Arts I & Arts II (1 hour)

Arts III (1 hour)

Trial class

RM660 /12 weeks

RM708 /12 weeks

RM65 /per child/per sessions
Yoga Fun

Yoga III

Trial Class

RM450 /12 weeks

RM48 /per child/per session
** entitled to 24 Play/12 music/12 GymArts or Play/Music/Yoga only, with many free benefits.

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