Thursday, August 20, 2009

iGo, uGo, weGo - the perfect foldable keyboard on the go!

Ok... I am in my excited mode now... I should already head to bed but do not feel sleepy at all, partly due to coffee but partly also due to this one universal bluetooth keyboard that arrived today.

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on the go, with igo.

Frankly, I never thought myself a gadget person. Never. I was just happy with a normal phone and although I got an ibook G4 years ago, I just liked it functions but never used it beyond the usual microsoft office applications and frequent blogging sessions.

Well, that seemed to change after I met the one and him spoiling me with my first cute, white Palm Zire on our first Valentine :) From then on, he kinda unleashed the techie side of me and although I won't be able to compete with his knowledge of technical stuff, there are some techie side of me that even he cannot compete with :)

Throughout the years, I bought many many phones, all due to his 'smart' suggestions. They were partly due to him wanting to try the phones as well but rather have me be the guinea pig... many of the phones he suggested have those imperfections that I couldn't live with. But, the best buy was definitely the E90 that I so loved... it even has a blackberry capability which allowed me to reject the boring blackberry set I got at work as I was able to integrate the blackberry account with my phone account. The best part was being able to view microsoft office and pdf documents when the blackberry set the office gave me then could not even retrieve. But... gone are the corporate heydays for me and the phone was too 'big' for my housewifey image.

From then on, the one got me new phones almost annually so that he could indulge in other techie stuff like the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, without me trying to stop him hehe... it was like an effective bribery. But, in my defense, I would not have stopped him from buying them as I always believed that once in awhile, a man's gotta indulge in the things he love and reward himself for a hard day's work... of course, within means :)

The phones that I use should always have a cosmetic appeal and feels good to the touch - the key pads must be sleek and the phone should look sexy. But when the baby was born, the one thought I should get a camera phone for those priceless moments with the baby's developments. And since I had used a SonyEricsson and a Motorola briefly before, I was adamant to maintain with Nokia, at all cost. Hence, the N82 was the best choice albeit moi not really liking it for its lack in appearance and feel - it was black, plasticky, its key pads were weird and the body was no where near sexy. Heh. But... I guess, the baby was most important and I happily (and reluctantly) chose the N82 over the E71 or E66 and boy, did it capture all those sweet and important moments of little jj, without fail.

Now that Nokia came up with the N86 with an 8-megapixel camera, the one thought it was time for me to upgrade. Well, I was again reluctant because I was eagerly awaiting that sleek E72, a much sexier upgrade from the E71. Plus, it has a 5-megapixel camera which is about similar to the N82. What I like most about the E series is its business-friendly function. I love the shortcut keys and I love it for the thin alloy-like body. But... somehow or rather, I had a quick switch of mind just before little jj turned 1 as I seriously thought an 8-megapixel camera would produce better images of her. Don't get me wrong... I know a separate digital SLR would definitely be 100% better than a camera phone but I am being practical here... I would like my gadgets to be easily accessible rather than realising I have too many cables and wires, and that I need to plug in so many appliances to charge them. Worst of all, I hate having so many things to carry and as much as an SLR would have me looking oh so chic, practicality is always a priority.

So, there. It came to me all of a sudden and the one was more than pleased when I told him I might actually consider the N86 - only if it comes in white. Hehe. What do you know... the shop that we usually go to actually had the last set and it was in white... as if the phone was really made for me, huh?

Finally, I thought I had everything I need with the phone looking sleek, sexy and as white as my Mac... and, it also meets the one's requirements, for him to feel that it was all worth the spending on his other half ;).

Anyway, to backtrack a little... once my ibook G4 displayed a faulty screen a few months back, I started to browse for a new computer. And since an iMac was parked on my desk for an editing job I was doing, I instantly felt I needed a desktop, not a laptop. Furthermore, I was only working from home and do not need to lug a laptop around. So, after much deliberation, the one suggested that a Mac Mini was a perfect choice for me since the 19" LG flatscreen that I won in a lucky draw 2 years ago was still intact in its box and collecting dust... and the fact that a Mac Mini is energy-saving, I guess I got so much value from the purchase even after upgrading its RAM and all.

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little jj exploring her techie side as well :D

However, the recent power failures at the condo kinda left me frustrated and I needed something on the go... I know I really do not need a laptop because all I need is a function to type documents and I do not want something so heavy especially when I also have a baby to carry with me when I seek refuge at my parents' house during the power trips. Thus, I suggested getting a Nokia-compatible bluetooth keyboard. Although the one didn't think I would really need it, he seemed to have changed his mind immediately when the keyboard we ordered on ebay, arrived today.

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The key pads are excellent! They're so smooth and fits just right for my fingers to move so eloquently. Best of all, there are 2 types of Function key as shortcut and once you've mastered it, you can go typing away quickly while you save, delete, cut, paste, whatever it is you need on the keyboard.

So, yes, I am excited... and I can foresee myself blogging away, anytime, even when I am at my parents' place, while the baby sleeps :)

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a small wonder could do so much... what'll I do without gadgets??

Hehe... quite a lengthy history to justify why I need a bluetooth keyboard for my Nokia, eh?


Chech said...

Juan, I love, love the keyboard. I remember my husband using one for his O2 PDA. Somehow, now, we're contented lugging our laptops around. Free weight training. Tapi, kalau bawa Khalish jalan-jalan? Ish, Juan, you're to be blamed if Kamal questioned my sudden interest in upgrading the phone (again) after agreeing to stick to the old one. Heheh.

And, I like the curious look on Jada's face, scrutinising Mac mini box. It sure looks yummy enough to be her toy :).

ms. ana said...

feewit!! i won't be surprised one day when you'd correct big bro on the techie stuff. ;p

toughcookie said...

dear chech,
hehe... for this, babe i don't mind la if the blame is on me ;P

cik ana,
ooohhh... lambat lagi kot :D