Sunday, May 14, 2017

The quest for the sweetest pink lip colour

In recent months, I've been intrigued with pink lips. Not fuschia and not those pale pink tones as I have warm coloured skin and any pink shade that is too strong or pale will make me look weird. I mean, I've always been using deep reds, berries and burgundy. A sudden change in preference would perhaps draw unecessary attention as I keep being told that those pinks I like look "young"... and I am not.

(Top: MAC Lip Glass in Candy Yum Yum; bottom: 2014 limited edition Pink Set by MAC)
Why the sudden interest? Well, you see the above photo was something I could find on the net  the most beautiful 2014 limited edition Pink Set by MAC which I have every come across and used. Unfortunately, I don't think I took any photos when I purchased this set. The Lip Glass (named Unlimited Style, frost) has a bluish undertone, which made my complexion somewhat brighter. It's weird that a bluish undertone does this to me and not peach or orangey. It's so pretty and light that made my whole look just natural. Basically, it's a match to my natural lip colour, with a hint of brightness to a dull, lipstick-dependent aged lips. As Unlimited Style was a limited edition collection, I have since failed to find a replacement. Well, perhaps until now, that is. 

Some of the expensive mistakes I've made but definitely a good lesson learnt, while I've also tried those drugstore brands that are still of good quality like Revlon and Catrice but I guess I failed miserably. I should have just given up on the search as I've acquired too many lip colours due to the search. And because of the miserable choices, I went back to my reds and berries. That is, until a light bulb just switched on on me and I went looking for a matchy colour on the net. And boy, do we all underestimate the internet a lot - not only can you find another alternative colour to your discontinued colour, you can even find the code of another matching foundation of other brands! Still, they're all trial and error, depending on your preference.

At a moment like this, I need some motivation and this kind of "problem" motivates me.

And I think I found my match, finally, in Candy Yum Yum, MAC. I heart.

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