Monday, December 2, 2013

The Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovator Award 2013

Recently, Shiseido Professional has chosen 5 of Malaysia's most creative hairstyling talents at the Shiseido Professional Beauty Innovator Award 2013 (SPFBIA2013).

The creative competition is held not only to nurture the best and most creative local talents in the hairstyling industry to compete in the international arena, but it is also sort of a suitable platform to showcase the quality and hairstyling products under the Shiseido Professional brand, the depth of their use and the outcome that one could achieve from the use of these products. It is also an avenue for Shiseido Professional to continue to develop better products to fulfill the requirements of their hair designers and identify new artistic teams who would work together with the brand to a continuous progression in the beauty industry. 

It was the first time I had covered a hairstyling event and I was awed by the unique hairstyles displayed on the models on the runway, not to mention the hundreds of creative-looking guests who attended the glamorous event. The hairstyles were pretty quirky and not quite what you'd expect on normal-looking individuals but the atmosphere of the event set the pace for a different ball game. What you'd learn to admire is their techniques and creativity where fashion, photography, makeup, choreography and brilliant hairstyling ideas come to life. This was a platform for uber-creative souls.

of all the group from our local talents, I quite enjoyed this batch the most (photo taken from the instagram page with the hashtag #spfbia2013)

I initially didn't expect much out of the show but it totally blew me away... the event was nothing short of mesmerising, especially when the stage featured live Mr Masa Otake, a reputable creative figure in the world of hairstyling. Touted as Tokyo's legend, he appeared after stunning performances by Malaysia's Beauty Creative Team comprising of Elvin Soh, Eric Koh and Lois Lee. And while they all awed the audience with their awesome work of art and creativity, Mr Otake totally stole the limelight with such ease and calmness. I mean, where else could you see of an incredible hairstylist holding just a large hairbrush, lots of hairpins and a hairspray, styling the hair of 5 models in just half an hour without the use of blowdryer or scissors? It was totally amazing. I mean who knew that simple techniques with the simplest tools could be so magical?

this photo was also grabbed from the instagram page at #spfbia2013

9 of Malaysia's top hairstylists were vying for the top spots in the Beauty Innovator Award with 11 of the most creative outcome chosen as semi-finalists were further judged that night. This year, themed Artistry of Inspiring Creativity, it is the largest cross-cultural hair design photo competition of its kind, with the participation of the best talents from 8 countries - Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan, aside from Malaysia.

anti-clockwise from top left: Edison Lim, Kenneth Kwan, Ringo Tai, Ming Thum and Leon Lim.

At the event, the above creative work were selected as the 5 finalists who won an all-expense paid trip to Tokyo to attend the Shiseido Professional Beauty Congress in February 2014. Their entries, along with the rest of the finalists from other participating countries will then be further scrutinized by renowned judges and one Grand Prix winner from each countries will be announced.

 Wishing them all the best and we look forward to hearing good news from Tokyo in February 2014.

The Nissan Almera 1.6 is one of the coveted prizes waiting for the Malaysian winner.

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