Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can ZA Total Hydration Day and Night Cream White brighten my skin in just 10 days?

When I was asked if I would like to try out the latest Total Hydration moisturisers from the whitening range of ZA, I got a little excited. Well for one, ZA brings some sentimental touchy-feely warmth in me as I recalled those years starting out after graduation and cash was kinda limited. I turned to ZA for my makeup and skincare needs and they worked well for my super oily skin type. Secondly, despite being very comfortable using products from the luxury skincare brands, I am always on a lookout for good reliable drugstore brands that are suitable for my current skin condition and what better way than to say yes to this opportunity. I mean, let's try to push aside the notion that expensive skincare is good while cheap ones are just so-so.

I had also just returned from a trip to a hot and sunny island that it'd be interesting to see how the whitening range can help bring back by tanned skin to its original tone. And the challenge was the promise of just 10 days for it to help brighten skin.

some description of the day cream...

and the night cream.

I think I've always been skeptical of brightening/whitening promises especially coming from a drugstore brand. Furthermore, I am only using these two products and not the entire range, hence, this review may not be that helpful if you are looking to find me totally agreeing on its claims. And, to be fair, I got tanned after bathing in the hot sun for 5 days... therefore, even if they did help brighten my skin tone, it is only because it got me back to my original skin colour.

But what do I really think of them??... well, I kinda like the moisturisers. They are no-nonsense, pretty cheap and decently protect the dermis. I didn't see my skin looking any different than when I was using products from the luxury brands. They are quite moisturising, helping my dehydrated skin looks healthy and glowy, and I truly like their light scent.

On the left is the creamier moisturiser with SPF and on the right is the gel-like texture of the night cream.

However, I do think that the day cream leaves my skin a little shiny by noon, with or without makeup on. This is something that I'd usually come across with moisturisers with SPF - they simply make me oilier. But since I didn't break out using the products, I believe this is a value for money item. Still, like any of those other whitening range I've tried, I'd much rather use a non-SPF moisturiser and top it off with a sunscreen product to control the oil on my face. 

The night cream, on the other hand, is my favourite! The gel texture and scent reminds me so much of Shiseido's White Lucent Brightening Moisturising Gel, it calms my skin at night and I wake up with skin that looks energised from a good night's sleep. It comes on light, non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

za white
There's an entire range of Total Hydration that's available and ZA has appointed a young local artiste, Amanda Amani as the face of ZA. The Total Hydration range appears to be her favourite in addition to the Perfect Fit concealer and foundation (pictured below the skincare range). These, I don't mind trying... prolly once my current skincare products are finished.

The Total Hydration Day and Night Cream White retails at RM26.90 and RM28.90 each, while the concealer is priced at RM30.90. The 2-way cake costs RM36.90 for its refill and just RM14 for its case. They also have a BB Cream UV under this range which I have yet to read much of it. I do think I shall pick it up soon to try it out.

Are you a fan of ZA? Funny that I keep thinking of Karen Mok when I think of ZA. She was one of the earliest faces of ZA right?

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