Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sony SmartWatch

what's the time?

i have been looking for this smartwatch since they announced it. must have not been looking hard enough coz i never did find any shops selling it. the smart watch pretty much evolved from the liveview, but adds a bit more functionality and style to the whole package.

the smart watch, as the name imply is just that - a smartwatch. meant to be use solely as a companion to your smartphone, the smart watch provides access to important information on your phone without having to actually open your phone. there lies its apparent weakness as it is pretty much useless without a phone.

designed as a sony accessory, the smartwatch still plays nice with other android phones as well. i'm paring the watch with a samsung galaxy note. the only drawback that u have is in terms of incompatibility of some sony specific apps. but third party app pretty much make up for it.

different views

the watch has 3 main views. the watch face. widgets and apps selection. you need to install the liveware app on your smart phone before u can start using it. u also need to install the smartwatch app, where u can manage all the widgets and apps and other information that appears on the watch. there's a facebook, twitter and music control app. phone book and other stuff. if u use endomondo then the smart watch extension acts as a display to show your workout statistics.

there is a market for smart watches these days. some noted project like the pebble has been gaining momentum and will likely be a competitor to the sony smart watch.difference is display tech means that the pebble will have longer battery life and is also compatible with the iphone. personally for me, i just want something that can compliment my galaxy note. u don't need to whip out the phone all the time just to glance at some basic info.

old school vs new school

plus i just love gadgets. hehe.

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