Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail Polish

I am wondering what happened to Sally Hansen? I remembered using it a lot back in those days in uni, apart from the affordable Maybelline and Revlon but I now hardly heard or read about it. I mean nowadays it is usually OPI or luxury brands like Chanel and Dior. So who really checks out the shelves of Sally Hansen in Guardian outlets? Do manicurists consider using it?

Here I am in front of my dressing table (and updating via the brilliant Blogger app on my Samsung Galaxy Note). I have my sister - in - law's wedding to attend shortly and since the theme colour is brown, I realised that I don't have any brown nail polishes from the wonderful collection that I own. Then I suddenly recalled buying one nice brownish tone on a whim and I felt so glad that the colour, Antique Bronze suits the theme perfectly. The colour is subtle enough to look sweet yet strong enough to be noticeable. And with a top coat like Seche Vite, applying nail polish just before an event is a breeze... Love love love!

Has anyone noticed this brand of nail polish in our local drugstore, Guardian? Have you ever tried it?


plue said...

yup i still see it around. the Sally Hansen range here is so small >.< The US have their duochrome line (i think) which is like so pretty lah~

btw, have u ever spotted their instant cuticle remover?

Jyoan said...

I have. I bought a couple of their nail polishes, only to find that the quality is really not there.

I have this Diamond Strength No Chip in a light orange. It was my second polish above $4.

Worked well at first. But started to degrade.

My second one isn't good either. So I sort of gave up buying Sally Hansen.

I still use their bases and top coats though. I think the bases are good! And those cuticle remover/cuticle strengthening formulas... ... those are good.

toughcookie said...

hiya plue,
i am not sure, but i had probably seen it in Guardian Centrepoint, PJ. but that was probably 2 months back. do you like it? if i do see it, i shall let you know?

toughcookie said...

dear jyoan,
i'm sorry to hear that their range isn't really good. i only had mine for less than 2 months and have only worn them 3 times so far. i shall monitor its quality and see if its really not worth buying.

yes, i also use their base and top coats, and they're pretty much alright. thanks for sharing!

plue said...

thanks darling! ^_^ *hugs*